Parent Information

This page contains information that our parents may find useful but used be referred to alongside other areas of sites.



The Attendance leaflet provides a quick overview of the essential information regarding attendance rules for parents. Please visit our Policies section of the website for a more detail about our Attendance policy,

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Lunch Menus April 2023 - July 2023

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Information for new families:

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We ask that all children maintain the uniform standard set by the school. Please see the table below to clarify the expectation:



 Navy skirt or Pinafore dress

Grey trousers

Navy Polo-Shirt

Navy Capel School sweatshirt / Cardigan

White socks or navy tights

Grey socks

Black  shoes


   Summer Alternatives

Blue and white striped or checked dress

Short grey trousers


                                                                                                                                               Games and P.E.

Navy Shorts

Plain coloured t-shirt - either yellow, blue, green or red (Dependent on house)

Navy Blue jogging bottoms in colder weather


P.E. Bag

Winter months & Swimming

Old trainers /navy blue jogging bottoms

Girls one piece costume and boys swim shorts/trunks above knee level/Swimming hat