Welcome to Reception Class!

The Queen’s Jubilee!

Class R have had lots of fun this week learning about the Queen in preparation for her Jubilee celebrations. We used the book ‘The Queen’s Knickers’ as a basis for our learning and went on to explore her life and the city of London where she lives, comparing it to our own village of Five Oak Green. We also had a go at designing and writing about our own King, Queen, Prince or Princess and had a go at designing our own pair of knickers for the Queen to wear if she visited Capel School. Finally we used a variety of materials to design and make our very own crown, which we are looking forward to wearing to Friday’s celebration assembly.

Art day!

For art day we thought back to the story of ‘the tiny seed’ and how the illustrations changed with the seasons. We thought about how a tree might change over the seasons and how this would affect what we included in our picture and the colours we used.
For painting, we had to then choose different resources that would best suit our purpose. We had lots to choose from including different sized brushes, match sticks, peg brushes with different tops and even our fingers! We had lots of fun and talked about why we had used different materials and colours to make our final picture. 

Healthy Cooking

Today class R had a visit from 'Cooking Pioneers'! We have been learning lots about fruit and vegetables and how they help a healthy diet so Mrs Randeria helped us all to make a healthy strawberry cheesecake. The children listened carefully to recipe instructions and worked as fantastic teams to create their finished product, using lots of different cooking skills along the way! It is safe to say that the lesson, and the cheesecakes, were a big hit as we all enjoyed them whilst listening to a story after lunch. 

Celebrating Easter!

This week class R have been finding out all about Easter! After sharing and retelling the Easter story the children thought about what they do to celebrate Easter and compared this to other festivals and celebrations we have celebrated in class such as Chinese New Year, Diwali and Christmas. They noticed lots of differences and similarities. The children then explored lots of Easter themed challenges including some eggy phonics practise, egg matching number work, egg patterns and even some tweezers based chick rescue that supported with building up finger skills. Super work class R!

Science week in the EYFS

Class R had lots of fun exploring for science week the theme of 'growing'. The children started by thinking about how things grow and change as the seasons change and went exploring for their first signs of spring whilst on their spring walk where they noticed lots of new growth. They also thought about how they have grown, using 'The growing story' as a focus for their thinking and creating their very own growing books. The children also enjoyed taking part in the 'growing' poster competition and had lots of ideas of how to show different things growing on their posters. Super work class R!

Class R rock book day!

Pancake day fun!
On Tuesday class R fully embraced pancake day with some pancake fun of their own. Outside we had some pancake party messy play where the children explored a range of messy materials whilst flipping and topping pancakes. Afterwards, the children explored healthy food choices for making their own pancakes which they then got to taste test during our pancake picnic whilst we listened to the story 'Mr Wolf's Pancakes!'

Chinese New Year

This week class R have been celebrating Chinese New Year and the year of the tiger. We decorated our classroom with lanterns and learnt all about how and why the new year is celebrated. We tried out lots of different activities such as giant dragon head making, mask creating, dragon dancing, small world with the animals from the Chinese Zodiac and even tried out our chopstick skills. We thought a lot a kit similarities and differences between the Chinese New Year and other celebrations we have learnt about. We even got to try some lychees and thought about other foods that might be at a celebration. It was really interesting to find out from each other what we knew about China and to see China and a map!  

Traditional Tales

Throughout the last few weeks class R have been learning about and comparing different traditional tales. Our favourites have been ‘The 3 little pigs’ and The 3 Billy Goats Gruff’. We have thought about story sequencing with lots of role play and small world and have also been using our phonics to help us with labelling. 

Celebrating Diwali!

In class R we have been learning all about different cultures and beliefs. As part of this we celebrated Diwali! The children had lots of fun learning all about the celebrations, creating their own Diva lamps, making Diwali cards for a special friend or family member, exploring rangoli bead patterns and even creating their very own fireworks displays! Super exploring!

Autumn wellie walk!

This week we went on our autumn wellie walk! We talked about the different seasons and thought about what we noticed now that it was autumn. We spotted all of the different colours that the leaves are turning and went foraging for things that we could use in the classroom to represent autumn. As a class, we then talked about how lots of animals in autumn are busy gathering food ready for hibernation and linked this to beginning to think about Harvest!

Class R's first week!

Class R have taken their first week at Capel by storm! We have started thinking about our new 'Discover' topic question, which is: 'What is special about me and you?'. They have all settled in so brilliantly - great work Class R!

Dear EYFS parents and carers,

Welcome to Capel! We are so excited that you have decided, alongside your child, to join our Capel family! I hope that you all had an enjoyable summer break – we are so excited in school to get started on a brand new school year. I just wanted to share some information with you about your child’s learning and experiences in school for the coming weeks, and also some additional key information that you may wish to know. Should you have any queries then our door is always open so please feel free to pay us a visit, or contact us via Tapestry or using your child’s home contact book!

As was shared in our induction evening, the main focus for our learning within Reception class is to support the children in working towards the Early Learning Goals. To support with this, and to fit in line with our curriculum as a school, we will be having a different general focus for each seasonal term. This term our focus is ‘Discover’ where the children will be exploring the concept question, ‘what is special about me and you?’ Within this we will be focusing in our first few weeks particularly on the children making relationships, building up their confidence and supporting them with managing the feelings and behaviours that come about from being in a new environment. We will also be carrying out lots of varied activities that support the children with building up their listening and attention skills, whilst finding out all about their new friends… and themselves!

A lot of our learning will be centred around stories and book focuses, including books such as ‘All kinds of people’, ‘My mum and dad make me laugh’ and ‘Oi frog!’. As a school, we follow the ‘Read, Write, Inc.’ phonics scheme. However for the first few weeks, whilst the children settle in, we will be focusing more on the pre cursors needed for this which include sound discrimination, rhythm and rhyme and voice sounds.

Our main intent for your child’s learning whilst with us in Reception is:

  • To understand and follow children’s interests and provide opportunities throughout our EYFS curriculum to support learning, consolidate and deepen knowledge and ensure children meet their next steps.
  • To work in partnership with parents and carers to encourage independent, happy learners who thrive in school and reach their full potential from their various starting points.
  • To create an indoor and outdoor environment which supports learning.
  • To understand that children do their best when all their physical and emotional needs are being met. We embrace the individual and all staff understand that each child is different, and their learning requirements and styles are unique too.   By providing a high level of wellbeing this in turn leads to high levels of child development and the ability to create and think critically.
  • To prepare children to reach the Early Learning Goals at the end of the Foundation Stage and ensure children make good progress from their starting points by using the characteristics of effective learning.
  • To provide our children with knowledge, skills and experiences in a hands on, holistic way so that all learning is embedded in a meaningful

As we shared in our Induction evening, Tapestry will be the main way for you to communicate with us about your child’s learning; to see what your child has been getting up to at school whilst also sharing things from home too – we love to hear about what the children get up to when they are not with us (and with their learning buddies too!). When your child starts taking reading books home they will also be taking home a ‘Reading Record’ book where you can jot down notes about your child’s reading each week. Alongside this, the school ‘Dojo’ system is also a way for you to share key information messages to us (such as changes to pick up arrangements etc.), and this is checked daily. Please can I also reiterate the importance of downloading our school ‘Jotter’ app so that you can also keep up to date with whole school notices and information such as our weekly newsletters.

To begin with, we will not be expecting the children to complete any set home learning as it is important for them to settle in first, however any opportunities that you have to share books and stories with your child in the meantime are extremely valuable so we would ask that if possible this can be included in your daily routine. I will keep you informed of when the children will start to bring home small activities to share with you (e.g. reading books – initially just pictures – and key words).Please also keep an eye out for the ‘lunch choice’ forms which we will send out on a Friday to be returned on a Monday morning.

Please support your child in remembering the correct school equipment which includes a named water bottle, book bag (and reading book/reading record when appropriate), outdoor clothing and a change of clothes in their PE bag. Children in Reception class do not need to bring in their own pencil cases as resources that they need will be available for them to choose from in the classroom. Please ensure all of you children’s belongings are clearly named.

We very much have an ‘open door’ policy in our classroom should you have anything you would like to discuss. We are all very excited about the upcoming year and look forward to all that we are going to be getting up to! We hope that everyone has a happy term! J

The EYFS Team


Class R's Sports Day Fun!

Today Class R had their first ever Capel Sports day! There was lots of fun to be had including a hurdles race, a flat race, a relay race, football dribbling, egg and racket race and beanbag balancing and target throwing. The children worked brilliantly together in their teams, showing super sportsmanship and fantastic positivity all round...and the sun came out to join us too! Well done Class R!

Investigating Bugs!

This week Class R have been continuing with their bug exploring. Following on from our focus on ladybirds, this week we have been finding out more about wriggly worms through the story of 'Superworm'! We have used playdough models to show different things that Superworm could be, written letters from Wizard Lizard, practised measuring spaghetti worms, revised our understanding of more and less than with some wormy apples, worm painting and even added up some of Mrs Waters' very unusual bug themed shopping lists. Alongside all of this we have been exploring in our outside area by carrying out our very own bug hunts, building different insect homes and generally getting very muddy! The children have enjoyed playing on the trikes in our playground 'Trike Park' and even turned the most enormous box into an amazing home...which is still a work in progress! Phew, we have been busy!

Learning about Life cycles

Class R have been continuing to explore their concept question of 'Do all things grow in the same way?' over the last couple of weeks through growing their own cress and exploring the life cycle of a frog. On Thursday we had the opportunity to compare these life cycles to the cycle of a chicken with a visit from Mrs Morgan and her chicks! We all learnt lots about what the chicks need to keep them healthy and to help them to grow and lots of fun was had by all!

Class R’s Storytelling Surprise

 On Wednesday Class R had a surprise online storytelling performance! The story was all about a little skunk and his trip to the moon. As well as listening to and joining in with the story, the children also learnt all about the moon thinking about how and why it changes. We had lots of fun joining in with the actions and words in the story!

Do all things grow in the same way?

Over the summer term class R are going to be exploring the question of 'do all things grow in the same way?' We have started off by thinking about what helps human beings to grow in a happy and healthy way. The children have been learning more about healthy eating through looking at the 'Oliver's vegetables' and 'Oliver's fruit salad' books. This week we made some tasty fruit kebabs for our snack time! The children thought about what fruits they wanted to include and why they would be good for them. They also thought carefully about how to make sure they were safe and hygienic when handling the fruit and chopping it...all agreed however that the taste testing was the best bit!

Messages from Class R

Class R made some fantastic messages to share with each other!

Well being support in the EYFS

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Covid 19 specific advice

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Anxiety tools for parents

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Kung hei fat choy from Class R!
This week class R have been joining in with the Chinese New Year celebrations! We learnt that Chinese New Year is on Friday the 12th of February this year, and that this is going to mark the year of the ox! The children did some super investigating all about the celebrations that take place and the story behind the new year...some of us even built up our hand muscles with some chop stick finger skills! Great work class R!
Gingerbread man fun! 
This week Class R's focus has been on the story of 'The Gingerbread Man'! The children have been doing lots of learning and exploring around the story. So far, we have seen all different sorts of baking and gingerbread man decorating, oven junk modelling, gingerbread man assault courses, raft building and gingerbread man crafting, writing, story telling and much, much more! Well done EYFS, you have been working so hard!

The Billy Goats Gruff!

Class R have been learning all about traditional tales for their remote learning. Following on from a focus on 'The Three Little Pigs', we are now exploring the story of the 'Billy Goats Gruff'. Mrs Waters and Mrs Wickham have been blown away by all of the amazing home learning that the children have been doing... from sequencing and role playing the story, exploring characters, making masks and designing their own bridges to help the goats to cross the river. Great work class R!

Some of our home learning fun!

Class R have been busy bees and have started off the new term with some super home learning!

Class R wish you a very merry Christmas!

Class R update!

We have been having a super couple of weeks! The children have been exploring shapes in their environment - even following recipes to make shape pizzas and thinking about shapes that they notice in their day to day learning. This week we have been thinking about how Christians explore Christmas with lots of craft activities and role play. We have been particularly focusing on the story 'The Jolly Christmas Postman' and our classroom has become a hive of postal activity with letters to be posted that link to number recognition, mysterious parcels, list writing, bauble sorting, a visit from the Christmas fairies and the opportunity for children to explore writing and posting their own Christmas cards on the independent writing table.

Diwali in class R

This week we have been learning about Diwali! The children learnt that Diwali is the festival of light and explored the story of Rama and Sita through their own puppet shows. We found out about rangoli patterns and the children used different resources in the classroom to make their own patterns. We wrote Diwali cards and also explored making fireworks. We thought about how lots of Hindu people decorate their hands, creating our own designs too!

Class R remember

On Wednesday we learnt all about Remembrance day. The children created their own poppy for the class wreath and we talked about why we have poppies to help us to remember. We also thought about how brave the soldiers were and how they were awarded medals. Some of the children designed their very own medal for someone that they knew and talked about why they thought that person should receive the medal.

Class R finish their first term at Capel with a BANG!

Class R have made a super start to their first term at Capel!

Check out the photos below for some recent highlights!