Welcome to Capel's reception class page. We are known as Edison Class as we are full of inventors who love to explore and investigate the world around us.  

It's so exciting to start  school life together in Edison. Our school community welcomes you into the classroom every morning so that you can be actively involved in your child's learning journey. We are passionate about working together to create life-long learners.  They are enabled to develop skills to make progress through play-based learning and activities whilst supported by the Early Years team. We support every child through offering  stimulating and creative opportunities that inspire them to what to learn more.



Current learning -  We have embarked on the topic of 'Marvellous Me'. This has led us to explore our senses and how they work. We have been smelling unidentified liquids and powders and thinking about what they remind us of, using our sight to mix colours and experiment with light boxes. Our ears have been listening to each other as well as been experiencing homemade telephones.  We will use a feeling box and have to be very brave to consider what is inside. Lastly, taste will explore flavours that we do and do not like!

Look below at the photos to see how we have continued to explore our environment, enjoyed the construction of our new play equipment which led us to design and build our own, started finger skills and phonics as well as start some focused learning to support our play.

Kind Regards,

Mrs Walton-Wallace


2020-2021   New Intake dates for transition  

9th June 2020 - parent induction evening , an opportunity to meet all staff involved with your child's first year at Capel as well as experience the setting.

19th June & 3rd July 2020  -Stay and Play, where the new children are welcomed by a buddy and allowed to explore the EYFS indoor and outdoor classroom with their new teachers.

13th July - Family Afternoon, a wonderful chance to meet other families that will have a child in the same class with activities and refreshments provided and their teacher and teaching assistant joining you too. 

An Autumn walk 

Perfect for thinking and writing great descriptive words!

Capel Remembers 

Diwali lit up our classroom this week.

EYFS celebrated Diwali. We looked at the story of Rama and Sita and how it relates to Diwali. We built temples, designed and made rangoli patterns, looked at differences in clothing worn at celebrations and in different countries that celebrate Diwali. We made our own healthy Diwali dip and chopped up our own fruit to have with it at snack time. We compared different styles of dance and made up our own firework dance. This led us to look at firework safety too.‚Äč 

Year 6 came to share a book...

Look at our new playground and how it inspired us!

We are exploring and learning...

We have started school!