Our History curriculum will engage and inspire curiosity, while encouraging children to think critically and ask questions. Through our history curriculum we aim to teach children the importance of enquiry, research and analysis; and teach an understanding of the complexity of people’s lives, the process of change, the diversity of societies and relationships between different groups.


At Capel during the Autumn Term, History is the main focus of our project lessons (Discover). Where children are learning to answer a concept question. Year 2's is "Do all changes improve lives?" and Year 5's is "How reliable is our understanding of the past?".

However, lessons are taught throughout the year. We start our learning by revisiting children's prior knowledge. This allows teachers to scaffold learning and children to make connections. 

We have carefully planned our progression maps to ensure clear development of knowledge and skills through children's academic journey. In KS1, they start to look at history within their living memory before moving on to events before their lifetime. This will lay the foundations for KS2 history, where our curriculum is out in chronological order, allowing children to refer to previous years. This begins with the Stone Age in Year 3.

Golden threads are designed to run through our curriculum, underpinning the fundamental knowledge children will learn through our progression maps. In history, these are community, democracy and invasion. In addition to this, our school houses are named after famous invaders ( Romans, Saxons, Vikings and Normans ). 

In EYFS, children explore the past through the environment around them, family history and stories. Stories are used to improve their sequencing skills and develop the use of language relating to time.

At Capel, we encourage the use of experiences inside and outside the classroom through high-quality school trips and internal visits. This will create memorable learning opportunities to develop their curiosity and enthusiasm for history. 

Through the use of the pupil's voice, the book looks, and the pupil and staff survey, the subject lead is able to ensure strong coverage of all historical skills, knowledge and development of language.



Through our History curriculum, children leave Capel with a sound overview of the past and the ability to analyse. Through the use of concept questions, the enquiry approach has given real purpose and focus to each topic and skill. Our progression maps show that our curriculum has been planned to teach main historical concepts through a range of periods and events. Through the use of cross-curricular approaches and activities, children have been immersed in the period and develop a curiosity for the past. Children leave Capel with all the key skills they need to become successful historians.

Below you can find a range of pictures of what History looks like at Capel. These pictures include learning inside and outside the classroom and some of the high quality of work produced by students. Enjoy!

History at Capel

What our children think

"History is one of my favourite subjects! We do so many different activities and learn about so many different eras. This term we have been learning about Ancient Egyptians " - Year 5


"We do History in DT, literacy and Forest school too. We are learning about the Stone Age and Caveman. It was so much fun!" - Year 3


"We have been learning about the Great Fire of London. We went on a school trip and meet Samuel Pepys and the Baker. I learnt to write with ink and a quill." - Year 2

Below you will find our current History Progression Map and Golden Threads.

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