Class Teacher: Mrs Comfort

 Teaching Assistant: Mrs Knight

Key Information


P.E. is on Tuesday and Friday. Please remember to wear full PE kit (navy joggers/shorts, white top (or house colour), school jumper, suitable footwear). 


We will be doing a cooking session on a Wednesday in term 1.


Homework is set for Monday and is due to be returned the following Monday. Weekly spellings will be assessed on a Monday.

Curriculum overview for the Autumn Term

Spellings for Years 3 and 4

Cooking - Session 1

Here is some feedback from our first cooking session. 


Jayden - I liked how we swirled up all the food.
Darcey - I liked cooking the food and listening to it sizzle.
Amber - The food was delicious.
Evie - I loved using the hot plates.
Seth - The process of cooking was good, but I didn't like the omlette.
Scarlett - I loved the crispy onions.
George - I actually loved all of it.
Jasmine - I enjoyed the cooking, especially the onions.
Keira - The omlette itself was nice, but I think the onion was overcooked.

Week 2 review

Tom – Today in cooking we made stir fry that was really good because I loved it.

Amelia-May – I liked the noodles and the carrots and the peppers, not the chicken though.

Bethany – I loved everything about the stir fry.

Holly – I don’t normally like stir-fries, but I really liked this one.

Amber – It was scrumptious and delicious.

Tarlia – I didn’t really like it but I liked cooking.

Seth – I really liked the process and all of the ingredients, but I liked the pepper and chicken the most.

Scarlett – I enjoyed the cooking and I loved the rice noodles the most.