Class Teacher: Mrs Comfort

 Teaching Assistant: Mrs Knight

Key Information for Term 5 and 6


P.E. is on Tuesday and Thursday. All pupils to come to school in their full PE kit (navy joggers/shorts, white top (or house colour), school jumper, suitable footwear) on PE days. 

 Forest School will take place on a Friday afternoon throughout term 5. Please ensure your chil has the appropriate clothing for the weather. Regardless of the weather, all pupils are required to wear long sleeves and long trousers for their protection.

Homework is set for Tuesday and is due to be returned the following Monday

Curriculum overview for the Summer Term

Forest School - Term 5

Science - Term 4 - States of Matter

Throughout term 4 we learned about the three states of matter. Solid, liquid and gas. The pupils experimented with what happens to a solid when heat is applied at varying temperatures and what happens to a liquid when it is exposed to cold temperatures. 


As part of this unit we explored the  journey water takes and why this happens. We now have a good understanding of the water cycle and will demonstrate this in our class showcase in term 5.

History and Geography Trip - Term Three

Class 4 visited the Amelia Scott library and museum during term 3. Throughout the term the children have been learning about why people settled in certain locations and how these settledments have build up over time. During their trip they learned why people originally settled in Tunbrudge Wells and how the town developed into how we know it today. They also learnt about why the Amelia Scott is so named.  

Class 4 Diwali Celebration - Term Two

Year 4 had a wonderful afternoon celebrating Diwali as part of our religious and cultural studies in Term 2. We learned all about the 'festival of lights' and took part in some of the many activities those who celebrate Diwali do. 

Capel Church Trip - Term Two

Class 4 walked to the St Thomas A Beckett church to explore the surroundings and learn about its history. We were amazed to find out that the site may have been originally used by the Anglo-Saxons! 


As part of our learning, the children created a timeline of the church's history and explored the meaning behind the pictures painted on the church walls. We discovered that because not everyone could read, churches would cover their walls with paintings to teach people the stories from the bible.


The pupils particularly enjoyed choosing their own items to photograph as inspiration for their latest sketch in art. These will compliment their original sketches of the church, some of which were given to the church as a thank-you gift. 

Cooking - Session 1

Here is some feedback from our first cooking session. 


Jayden - I liked how we swirled up all the food.
Darcey - I liked cooking the food and listening to it sizzle.
Amber - The food was delicious.
Evie - I loved using the hot plates.
Seth - The process of cooking was good, but I didn't like the omlette.
Scarlett - I loved the crispy onions.
George - I actually loved all of it.
Jasmine - I enjoyed the cooking, especially the onions.
Keira - The omlette itself was nice, but I think the onion was overcooked.

Cooking - session 2

Week 2 review

Tom – Today in cooking we made stir fry that was really good because I loved it.

Amelia-May – I liked the noodles and the carrots and the peppers, not the chicken though.

Bethany – I loved everything about the stir fry.

Holly – I don’t normally like stir-fries, but I really liked this one.

Amber – It was scrumptious and delicious.

Tarlia – I didn’t really like it but I liked cooking.

Seth – I really liked the process and all of the ingredients, but I liked the pepper and chicken the most.

Scarlett – I enjoyed the cooking and I loved the rice noodles the most.

Cooking- session 3

Week 3 review

Holly – The process of making the pancakes was fun. But my favourite bit was eating it with honey.

Seth – The food was really good and the process was really funny because of when the butter bubbles kept popping.

Scarlett – I really liked the pancakes because it was really sweet and fluffy.

George – I loved the beautiful fluffy batter. I didn’t really like the honey.

Evie – My pancake was perfect inside and out. I found it really scrumptious. This was the best cooking session!

Cyrus – I really liked this session especially eating the pancake.

Tarlia – I really loved baking the pancake and I enjoyed trying it.

Willow – I really enjoyed making the pancakes and cutting the fruit. I had bananas and strawberries with honey.


Cooking - session 4

Cooking - session 5

Week 5 review


Bethany – I liked it but I think that we could have used apricot yoghurt and that would go better.


Scarlett – I kind of liked it but after I ate it, it made me feel sick because it had too much honey in it.


Tarlia – I liked the yoghurt but I didn’t want to try it because it didn’t look that good after I mixed it too much.


Ella – I loved making it but I didn’t like it because of the yoghurt.


Evie – If I had to change something, I would add more honey to replace the yoghurt.


Amber – I enjoyed it, but the yoghurt was overpowering the flavour.


Darcey – I enjoyed the granola but I don’t really like the banana and yoghurt together.


Fred – If I could change something, I would take out the apricot as this spoiled my appetite.

Spellings for Years 3 and 4