Welcome to Class 3

This term, we are learning all about narratives and grammar. We look forward to sharing these with you soon. Below you will see some examples of our work in project, literacy and art. In maths we are learning aboout addition and subtraction. 

In project we are studying the Stone Age with a specific focus on diet and housing styles. We are utterly fascinated by this topic and learning a great deal of things. 

Please enjoy the slideshow below that shows off some of our recent work. You will notice we have some beautiful handwriting and art to show you. 



I have included some links below of some work that you might be interested in for your child to revise any of our latest techniques:


https://www.math-salamanders.com/mental-maths-year-3.html - these may feature in some homework's but they are brilliant to keep the different skills ticking over. 

http://www.mental-arithmetic.co.uk/index.htm - pick and choose what suits you. 

https://www.petersfield.cambs.sch.uk/site/petersfield/curriculum/classPages/pine/year3lndependentwritingactivities.pdf scroll to page 5 for the activities to start. These activities should help strengthen creative writing. 

There are some documents attached below to look at too. 

Today, we had a hoot (sorry, I had to go there) when some owls came to visit us and we got to sketch them and learn all about them.