Welcome to Class 3

This term, we are learning all about story writing using our knowledge of settings and character descriptions from last term. We are writing a story based upon the Egyptian Cinderella. 

In Maths we are moving onto Multiplication and Division.

In project we are studying the Stone Age and we have learnt so much! Take a look at our work so far, we are fascinated by this era and soon we will be making Stonehenge out of biscuits. 

I have included some links below of some work that you might be interested in for your child to revise any of our latest techniques:


https://www.math-salamanders.com/mental-maths-year-3.html - these may feature in some homework's but they are brilliant to keep the different skills ticking over. 

http://www.mental-arithmetic.co.uk/index.htm - pick and choose what suits you. 

https://www.petersfield.cambs.sch.uk/site/petersfield/curriculum/classPages/pine/year3lndependentwritingactivities.pdf scroll to page 5 for the activities to start. These activities should help strengthen creative writing. 

There are some documents attached below to look at too. 

Today, we had a hoot (sorry, I had to go there) when some owls came to visit us and we got to sketch them and learn all about them.