Welcome back parents, I hope you had a good break. I have attached our class letter below, it details the different plans and information you will require. I look forward to starting our virtual learning on the 5th January. 

Class 3

Term 2:

We are off to a flying start in Class 3 this term!

The children are learning about story writing and all the fantastic skills that go into this. They have been blowing our socks off with their amazing learning! We will shortly be publishing some work on the website for you to read and see what wonderful writers we have become!


We will also be sending copies of their completed stories home to you! This way you can also have your socks knocked off - we can't wait!

In maths we have been finishing our maths unit of addition and subtraction and this week we moved onto multiplication and division. 

Take a look at some of the work we did today with arrays and equal groups! 




Mrs Lee and Mrs Butler have been busy listening to readers and have been utterly delighted with the amount of reading reward participants they have! If you don't already know, Mrs Lee and Mrs Butler give out 5 dojo points and a sweet at the end of the week to those who have read 5 times in a week at home. Parents, all you need to do is sign their contact books or drop me a dojo to let us know that your child has been busy reading!