Class 3

Have a wonderful Easter break! If you want any tasks over the break, take a look at the suggested websites or revise any tasks given over the last two weeks! 


I would like to stress that the daily tasks below are only a guidance on things you can do. I appreciate home life has to fit around this, whatever you can get done is great but if nothing can be done then don't worry, these are unique times. I am fully aware of how hard it will be to put all of this into your day, so pace yourself and get them done when you can. Sending you all well wishes and I'm here on Dojo if you need me.  


Useful links of the week!

Parents please note Carol Vorderman has made her website free for parents to use for home learning. 

You may want to use the links provided earlier or this one to do more activities should you need additional challenge.

This is a website that is a staple in our classroom, please take a look at their incredible home learning packs that they have designed!


Please don't forget to enjoy the sun! It is so lovely that we have had such glorious weather :) 

 See previous day below in case you wanted to finish something off.  

Don’t forget you can get access to free ebooks if you sign up to Oxford Owls and make sure you keep up with that fitness! I have been thoroughly enjoying the pictures of some of you joining in with Joe Wicks and Jumpstart Jonny!


Suggested tasks for 31.03.2020: 

Literacy: Please write a character description for Jack from 'The Old Railway yard' (text below). Concentrate on including the following:

  • 5 fantastic words from your spelling list.
  • commas in a list.
  • preposition (on, in, beside etc.)
  • conjunctions (when, if, because, although)
  • fronted adverbials e.g. On his face, _______.
  • posessive apostrophe.
  • finally, add anything else you would like that will make your description of the boy exciting and amazing! 

Numeracy: Lesson 3 on 'Tenths' Please complete the activities in your books. This lesson can be found in 'WEEK 1' 

Topic: Geography: We are moving onto learning about 'The Local Area' what can you tell me about Five Oak Green's history? Make a fact file/poster/powerpoint on the villages history and interesting facts. This project will go up to Easter. 


The old railway yard – Sourced from Damon Roberts TES (From 30.03.2020 lesson)

Jack was scared. He was walking through an abandoned railway station on his way home. He came this way because it was a lot quicker but he was regretting his decision. His hairs on his neck were stood up like soldiers in a parade. His heart was racing and his stomach churned. As he paced through the creepy yard he tried to stay under the colossal shadows of the huge, ancient steam trains.

Then something strange happened. A light appeared in one of the driver carriages of the train. Hesitantly, Jack stopped and looked back. He could not see anyone in the driver’s carriage! Jack had a decision to make. His head told him to go back home and get out of there as quickly as possible. His heart told him to go and explore the strange light!

Jack made his decision. He sprinted over to the carriage and heaved the door open. It creaked loudly and some dust dropped onto the floor. Jack started to walk through the old carriage which had rotten floorboards. As he got to the old fashioned handle that led into the driver’s compartment, he paused for a moment. He took a deep breath and opened the door.

The air was still. The smell was dusty. The light flickered. Flick. Flick. Flick. But nobody was there. All of a sudden a deafening clank sounded. Jack looked out of the window and saw a tree move sideways. Then Jack had a realisation! It wasn’t the tree moving, it was Jack. It was the train! The train was slowly winding down the track. Steam started to chug. Faster the train went. Faster and faster!

“How can this be?” whispered Jack to himself in amazement! He was sure he was the only person on the train.


  • What signs are there that show us Jack was scared?
  • Look at paragraph One. It tells us Jack tried to stay under the shadows of the train. Why do you think he tried to do this?
  • What two words in the first paragraph tell us the trains are big?
  • What word in paragraph 2 tells us Jack was uncomfortable?
  • Draw and fill in a thought bubble about how Jack might have been feeling at the end of Paragraph 2. Use as much detail as you can.
  • There are clues in the text that tell us the steam trains were old. Can you spot them all?
  • Why do you think Jack paused before opening the door to the driver’s compartment?
  • What emotions would Jack be feeling in the final paragraph? Explain fully how you know or think this.
  • What features are there that make this text a mystery story?


Other things I can think that will help: youtube any clips to see how certain learning pieces are done. This is a great way for the children to see how to do something in an interactive way. There are some brilliant sites offering free access at the moment and if you want to take a look at some of the websites they are as follows:

  1. Twinkl - they offer brilliant resources across the curriculum - 
  2. Jump Start Jonny - an active site that allows the children to follow exercise videos - 
  3. Joe Wicks - another exercise site, of you scroll down you will find he is doing a 'live' on youtube at times across the week for kids to join him in exercise -
  4. Another site for maths resources - 
  5. Maths site for free worksheets -
  6. This website helps with different areas of the curriculum - 
  7. This site offers educational games in English focusses e.g. spotting adjectives etc. -
  8. For reading, have a browse of this website and find some useful resources -
  9. This is another website for reading comprehensions that you can use along your vipers handout - 

I really hope these help you, I am available on Dojo to answer questions as best I can. 


Previous suggested tasks:

Suggested tasks for 30.03.2020: 

Literacy: Please complete the comprehension (see below). Complete as many of the answers in full sentences finding evidence from the text as much as possible.

Numeracy: Lesson 2 on 'Making a whole' Please complete the activities in your books. 

Topic: Ancient Greece - can you design a map of Greece showing the key landmarks e.g. the Acropolis, various temples etc. Use colour to make this look extra nice. If you have access to a printer you can print off a template of Greece to fill in.

 Suggested tasks for 27.03.20

Literacy: To look at apostrophes for possession (singular and plural). Watch this video and then write some sentences using apostrophes to show plural and singular possession. These could be written about anything you like! This is a key lesson so take it slow and make sure you understand what the apostrophe is doing! 

Numeracy: Visit this website and complete lesson 1. Write examples into your learning book. 

Topic: Continue to research the Olympic games and present your information in whatever way you have chosen! 

 Suggested tasks for 26.03.20

Literacy: Today can you write an informative letter from Odysseus to Penelope about his terrible and long journey around the world. In your letter you might include some of the monsters he encountered, gods he met and annoyed, problems he faced etc. You can make up the letter addresses and dates, this will be a fun piece of writing where you get to recount all of the terrible things happening to poor Odysseus! 

Numeracy: Continue to look at fractions and diagrams that support fractions. Perhaps you could make some for your parents or siblings to answer? Teach someone in the house what you understand of fractions and if you would like, make a poster to remind me all about them! 

Topic: Two day study on The Olympics, find out as much as you can on the tradition that started many centuries ago. Tell me all you have learnt about the games in any way you would like, Powerpoint, poster, letter, recount, written paragraphs or any other way you can think of, perhaps a video! 


Suggested tasks for 25.03.2020

Literacy: To revise the key punctuation skills the children have learnt, they could write sentences for this or present the sentences in a powerpoint. I would love to see a number of sentences on each of these punctuation pieces. Full stops, question marks, exclamation points, commas in a list, fronted adverbials and some sentences with contractions in. You choose how many to do, if you want to extend the task write more. You can write them related to anything you'd like. 

Numeracy: Today I would like the children to focus on fractions. Can they investigate fractions and understand that fractions have a numerator and denominator and what these are. They could then write some examples of fractions and then draw them as shapes shaded in to help visually represent it. See this video for an idea on how to do this. 

Topic: Can you tell me what the Greek's did for entertainment in Ancient times? Make a fact file or poster on this! 


Suggested tasks for 24.03.2020

Literacy: Having looked at informative features in a letter yesterday it would be great to write an informative letter today (if you haven't already written one) if you have perhaps write another one to a different person. Focus on capital letters, full stops, questions and commas in a list. Bonus points if you can include some contractions (don't, won't, didn't etc.) as well as a fronted adverbial (This morning, I went for a run around the park.) Thinking about how we would do this in school we would do a few drafts to make sure we understood the different features and truly understand how we write letters. 

Numeracy: draw some shapes and use your ruler to measure the perimeter. Remember to use cm to do this and for those shapes that aren't exactly cm lengths, to use mm as well. For example if I draw a rectangle and measure it I find that two sides are 5.5cm and 7.8cm. Write the different lengths along the side of the shape. Get someone in your family to measure them, did they get the same answers as you? 

Topic: Research education in Ancient Greek times and write me a report of what you have learnt. If you can research using a computer then that is great. If there isn't one available then tell me what you think education in Ancient Greek times was like, who got educated, who did not, where did they get educated etc.

Reading: read to an adult and when you close the book tell them what happened in the book so far. 


Suggested tasks for 23.03.2020: 

Literacy: Research the features of a letter and produce a poster or a page annotating the features. Look at the positioning of features and how they fit on a page. Focus on informative letter writing as you can write an informative letter to your friend or relative. As this develops you can draft a letter using some of your fantastic punctuation focusses. Present this in your books, on paper, powerpoint or any other way you would like. 

Numeracy: revise perimeter - how to find missing lengths, comparing lengths and language used in measurements. These can be written into their books or on paper. They can draw some of their own shapes and give them measurements to add together to find the perimeter. 

Topic: research the ancient Greeks jobs, make a poster of your favourite job and tell me all about it. 

Reading: I would suggest when reading a passage of your book that someone uses Vipers (the sheet we spoke about on World Book Day) to question your understanding of the book. 

Spellings: Make it your mission to learn as many of the spellings on the Class 3/4 list as you can. I will send out a further list to focus on in due time.