Welcome to Year 5!

Class Teacher: Mrs Taylor

Class TAs: Mrs Dunmall and Mrs Tracey

Key Information

P.E. - Wednesday (all year) and Tuesday (Term 3-6)

SwimmingMonday (Term 1 and 2)

Homework - Set on Monday and due to be returned the following Monday.

Cooking - Wednesday (Term 3)

Forest School - Friday (Term 4)

Island soundscapes inspired by Kensuke's Kingdom

This term we have been exploring Kensuke's Kingdom in literacy and this week in music we decided to create soundscapes inspired by the story. We thought about what sounds we would hear on a tropical island and explored different instruments to create each sound. We then worked in groups to compose our own soundscapes. 

Field Work in Year 5

This term we are conducting field work of our local area. We've explored maps using OS maps and symbols, learnt how to use 4 figure coordinates and this week we've been practicing how to produce field sketches ready for our first trip down to the village!

How does the head circumference change as we age?

As part of our Science topic 'Animals including humans' we are exploring how the body changes as we go through the different life stages. Today we explored how the head circumference changes.

First we made predictions based on our understanding of the human lifecycle, then we got measuring! We made sure to measure a range of ages to get a clear picture of how our heads change. Once we had all our data we plotted this in a line graph and wrote a conclusion based on our evidence.

Year 5 Police Visit

This week we had a visit from our local police officers. They gave us a talk about online safety, appropriate behaviour online and the risks of social media. We also talked about criminal responsibility. After that, we had the opportunity to ask them questions about their work and even try on their equipment!

Creating our final pieces

This week we began our preparation for our final pieces. Taking inspiration from Georgia O'Keeffe, we used mountain landscapes from around the world as our inspiration. We thought about what oil pastel techniques we could use for specific parts of the landscape. We then had a practice go, trying to recreate the landscape. Some of us were able to identify what we could do differently to make our final piece better than our practice!

Next week we'll be creating our final piece!  

Forest School in Year 5

Here are some pictures of what we've been up to in forest school this week!

Mountain Art

This term we have been studying the artist Georgia O'Keeffe. We've researched facts about her, explored some of her famous mountain landscapes and discussed what we like about her artwork.

From there we learnt how to use oil pastels and created a techniques page in our sketch books.

This week we focused on using our new oil pastel techniques to re-create on of O'Keeffe's paintings.

Odd-Socks Day 2023

We kicked off our first anti-bullying day of the year by taking part in Odd-Socks Day.

Many of us wore odd socks to school to show that it is good to be unique and different!

In class, we talked about how we can be a good friend to others and what we should do if we ever see bullying at school or online. 

We then talked about ways we can spread kindness and positivity around the school. We took these ideas and designed some odd socks, have a look at our creations!

Which sugar will dissolve the quickest?

We have been learning about soluble and insoluble materials. We discovered that some substances like sugar dissolve when mixed with water. Then Mrs Taylor told us about an argument in the staff room. The teachers were arguing about which sugar will be the quickest to dissolve (useful when they need to make a quick cup of tea!).

We decided to help by planning an experiment to find the quickest dissolving sugar. The following week we performed the experiment.

We tested 4 different types of sugar, thinking carefully about creating a fair test.

We discovered that icing sugar was the quickest to dissolve. We discussed why that happened, thinking about the structure of the sugars. We decided that icing sugar was the quickest because it's particles are smaller than the other sugars as it is powdered.

Ancient Egyptian Structures

This week we learnt about the different structures that the Ancient Egyptians built and what they were used for. We used the internet to research key information about some of the most famous structures and recorded it in our books. We discussed the difference between a pyramid and a temple. finally some of us got to design our own structure as if we were pharaohs, we even had a go at writing it's name in hieroglyphics!

Which material will be the best electrical conductor?

This term we have been learning about the properties of different materials.

This week we were focusing on electrical conductors and insulators.

We planned an investigation to answer our key question and decided which materials we wanted to test.

Then we built a working circuit and tested the different materials we had chosen.

We recorded our results in a table and then used this to write our conclusions!

Egyptian Death Masks

This term in Art we are learning about building sculptures out of papier-mâché. We decided to tie it in to our project by creating Egyptian death masks. We researched into what they were like and designed our own. This week we began building our death masks using pre-made masks, masking tape and cardboard.

We're all really looking forward to using papier-mâché to make them strong next week!

We are Archeologists!

This week in project, we got to be archeologists. We learnt that they used different types of sources to help them learn about ancient civilizations, we talked about how archeologists often found artefacts when digging for history. After that, we used our skills to excavate 'artefacts' from Ancient Egypt. We recorded what we found, what it told us about Ancient Egypt and what questions we had. 

We can't wait to learn more about Ancient Egypt!

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