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Join Joe Wicks for your daily exercise fix: 

You should definitely take a look at: Some familiar faces reading a lovely story! 

I have been given some websites with links to stories that help support our well-being, particularly at this time: 'Many ways to share a hug' - An alternative approach to hugging at this time: 'The Coronavirus Rex!' - A picture book told from the perspective of a young boy called Billy: 'Everybody worries' - A picture book for children: 'My Hero is you!' - A picture book that shares how children can help:  'Coronavirus, a book for children' - a book to help answer children's questions: 

Hi everyone!

It has been great hearing what you are reading at home! Here are some titles I have been sent: HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE (the sixth book in the series, things really start to get dark in this one!) SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS (a series of books following the tales of the Baudelaire children, she is on book 11 of the series!) FAMOUS FIVE (a classic series of books following the adventure of 5 children and their dog) SLIME (the new David Walliams book) HEARTLAND (a series based around Amy Fleming, who lives on a ranch called Heartland in Virginia) ERAGON (a series about a boy and his dragon saving the world) THE HOBBIT (the prequel to Lord of the Rings about how Bilbo found the One Ring) HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE (number four in the famous series, where the Triwizard tournament comes to Hogwarts). CHARLIE BONE series (Children of the Red King, an 8 book series following Charlie's discovery that he has magic powers). Keep up the reading! I'd love to hear of more books you would recommend. Remember you can access books via 'Oxford Owls'.

Welcome Class 5

Friday is World Environment Day! What can we do for our environment? What can you do for your environment? 

Here are some activities you could try out today. 

Some new websites you could visit:            Disney Jounior         


Literacy: By the end of the novel, Mr Toad claims he is a changed man. Is he? How has he changed? Is he a good animal? 

You could write a debate to argue whether Toad is a villain or not. 


You could pretend to be Mr Toad and write a diary entry, explaining to yourself that you are a changed Toad. 

Maths: I have uploaded the next sheets for your learning today from White Rose. 

You could complete a lesson from:

French: I really enjoy French food! Have you ever tried croissants? They are delicious! Why don't you find out some french words for different foods? 

Spellings: Find the definitions for: heard, led, morning, past, precede, descent, desert, draft, principal, profit,

Something different: You could go bowling! Why don't you use plastic bottles you have drunk from and make skittles from them. Use a ball to knock as many as you can down! Have fun! 


Literacy: Mr Toad does a lot of silly deeds through the novel. When he steals the motorcar, this is a huge mistake! You could create a Wanted Poster for Mr Toad that tells us about his character. You could use examples from the text to support your poster. 


You could write a letter to Mr Toad explaining why what he did was wrong. 

Maths: I have uploaded the next sheets for your learning today from White Rose.

Don't forget to complete your 5aday! And if you find you need something else to do, complete a lesson from Carol Vorderman's website. 

Did you find many shapes on your quest yesterday? Why don't you complete a tally chart of all the different flowers in your garden?  

Topic: This term we would be looking at Rivers. You could draw a diagram of a river, labelling significant features such as: mouth, oxbow, source. 

You could also create a diagram of a river bed, make sure you use labels to show how rivers erode the countryside through the flow of water. 

You could also locate famous rivers on a map. How many can you find? 

Spellings: Find the definitions for: aisle, aloud, affect, altar, ascent, bridal, cereal, compliment, farther, guessed. 

Something different: Why don't you play charades with you family? 


Literacy: Lets do some writing today using dialogue. Imagine it is the start of the story, and Ratty, Mole, Mr Toad and Badger are meeting for the first time. What would they say to each other? 


You could imagine you are meeting these characters for the first time. What would you say to them? 

Maths: I have uploaded the sheets for today's learning below from White Rose. 

Remember you could use Bitesize to complete a lesson:

What instances of Maths did you find yesterday? How about going for a shape hunt? What shapes can you find around your house or around your garden? 

Art: It is so hot at the moment, all I can think about is being in cool water to refresh! Lets design a water fountain! Today you could just research different water features. You could find 5 pictures and say what you like and dislike about them. 

Spellings: How did it go yesterday? Did you find a rule? Today could you use the words you found and put them in a paragraph? How many can you fit into a paragraph? 

Something different: How about making art using your hand prints? What different creatures could you make, and how could you use your hand prints to decorate the background? Or could you cut it out and make a 3D art? Maybe a bird?


Literacy: Why don't we see what we can remember from last term? You could write another fable, based around the animals from 'Wind in the Willows', with the moral: 'There's no place like home'. 

Make sure you remember what makes a good fable! Think about some illustrations you could do! 


You could write a review of one of the versions you saw yesterday! What did you think of them? What questions do you need to answer in a review that would make people want to watch it, without giving too much away? 

Maths: I have uploaded the sheets for today's learning below from white Rose, and don't forget to try the activities from the learning pack. 

How did you do on the 5aday challenges? You could try them again today:

You could find 5 instances that you use Maths in your daily life. You may surprise yourself! 

Science: Have a look at this clip that shows animals and plants at different stages of their lives:

Why don't you go on a hunt to find different wildlife? Frogs, ladybirds, birds, trees, buds... Choose how you could record what you find, and decide what part of their life cycle they are on. 

Spellings: When might you use -ce to end a word instead of -se? For example, 'advice' and 'advise'. How many examples of these words can you find? How are they different? What rule could you find from these examples that you have found? 

Something different: You could really challenge yourself today! Why don't you try drawing blindfolded? You could give yourself a category (animals, food, sunset). You could even try and use colour! 


Literacy: We would have been looking the 'Wind in the Willows' by Kenneth Grahame. It's a classic tale, looking at the animals on the river bank. Mr Toad is a notorious flitterer! Constantly jumping from one fad to the next and causing a lot of mayhem! 

If Mr Toad came to Capel, there would be no doubt in my mind that he would have somehow trashed the school! Completely by accident, and he would offer to pay for any damages! 

You could challenge yourself! Write a description of what you think Mr Toad would be like if you were to meet him. 

Then you could have a look at this character. If you have can, watch the Disney's Wind in the Willows or: has many different versions. Were you right with your guesses? 

Maths: I have uploaded the sheets for today's learning below from white Rose. 

I have also added a pack of activities you can complete one from each day. The answers are also below. 

Why don’t you try one of the bitesize lessons today?

We can get going again with your 5aday challenges!

IT: Let's have a challenge today! Why don't you time yourself typing the first 100 words out from the book you are currently reading. Next time you could try again and see if you beat your scores!  

Spellings: Let's ease ourselves back into spelling. Choose 10 words from the lists below: LOOK, SAY, COVER, WRITE it. Then put the word into a sentence (make sure you have checked the meaning!) 

Something different: Why don't you play 'Would you rather'? What funny questions could you come up with? Here are a few of my favourites: 

Would you rather have spaghetti shoot out of your fingers or sneeze meatballs?  Would you rather sew all your own clothes or grow all your own food? Would you rather be able to fly or be invisible? Would you rather have hands for feet or feet for hands? Would you rather live in the past or live in the future?


 Y5-Summer-Block-1-ANS5-Adding-decimals-with-the-same-number-of-decimal-places-2020 (1).pdfDownload
 Y5-Summer-Block-1-Day4-Adding-decimals-crossing-the-whole-2020 (1).pdfDownload
 Y5-Summer-Block-1-Day5-Adding-decimals-with-the-same-number-of-decimal-places-2020 (1).pdfDownload
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To access good resources, you can access these through 'Twinkl'. This is offering free access if you go to: and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS

THINKUKNOW have made packs that have 15-minute activities you could do with your child at home about online safety: Stay Safe Online resources

The wizarding world has opened a new page full of activities you can be enjoying at home! 

  A lovely idea for this evening: Oliver Jeffers is doing a stay at home story time every day at 6pm.

David Walliams is posting a daily audio story of his. A fantastic listen!

The National Theatre is to broadcast a new play every Thursday night at 7pm. Find out more at: 

A new book that helps to explain the current situation to children: 

A good video to teach about fake news:

Loads of Home Activities from David Walliams: file:///C:/Users/user/Documents/ideas/Free%20Fun%20Activities%20Alert!%20-%20The%20World%20of%20David%20Walliams.html 

Change4Life activities from the NHS: 

Big Cat Sanctuary Live: 

Steve Backshall is posting live everyday!

Some useful websites to visit for some extra activities: 


Literacy: So you have your character, your list of what makes a good fable, and your plot. Today you could write your own fable! Don't forget to illustrate it! 

Maths: We are all caught up with the White Rose Maths now. How have you found it having the sheets below? 

What other websites are you using? Why don’t you try one of the bitesize lessons today?

I hope you are keeping up with your 5aday challenges!

You could try another lesson on:

Music: Why don't you have a look at: There are some fantastic music pieces from Brazil! Enjoy and try not to dance too much! 

Spellings: Why don't you make some acrostic poems using the words from the lists below? 

I have put a pack of learning that has activities for the week in the documents file below this. You could try these out, there are different activities for each day on there. 


Literacy: You now have a main character and a good idea of what makes a good Fable. Now we need to have a plot. Why don’t you create a story mountain or your choice of story plan to get ready to write your own fable?

Maths: I have uploaded the next two lessons below. The slideshows are on:

What other websites are you using? Why don’t you try one of the bitesize lessons today?

How are your board games? Have you tried them out? Why don’t you write some instructions for them? You could make a box and design a box front cover for your game?

Topic: Make a poster or travel guide for Brazil, encouraging tourists from the UK to visit Brazil. What do you need to include to convince them to visit? What key bits of information do we need to know?

Spellings: How were your jokes yesterday? How many of these words can you find in the book you are reading? Can you find all of them?


Literacy: Writing our own fable, we need to know what makes a good one! Why don't you have a look back at the two stories and make a list of features that you need to include in your own story! What types of characters do you need? What type of language do you need? How descriptive does it need to be? Could you pick out some words that could help yours? 

Maths: I have uploaded the next two lessons below. I hope you are finding these ok! This slideshows are on:

I hope you are keeping up with your 5aday challenges!

You could try another lesson on:

What board game did you  play yesterday? Did you enjoy it? Why don't you make your own board game based on drafts? 

Art: I loved your art from the past few weeks! It has been so bright and engaging! Christ the Redeemer is a very famous statue from Rio de Janeiro. Why don't you have a creative building day and make your own version of this statue? How creative can you be? 

Spellings: You could create a few jokes using the words from the year 5/6 statutory word lists. Make me laugh! 



Literacy: All fables have a moral. You could build up to write on that has the moral: Treat others how you want to be treated. They often use animals as characters, especially ones from the rainforest! Choose your main character today and make a character profile. What animal will you choose? Why will he/she need to learn a lesson? What characteristics about the character will he/she need to change because they have learnt a lesson? Are they going be the ones teaching the lessons to other characters? 

Maths: I have uploaded the next two lessons below. I hope you are finding these ok! This slideshows are on:

Lots of you mentioned Carol Vorderman's website in our phonecalls. Remember to give her website a visit:

If you'd like a different challenge, you could play a game! Find a board game and lose yourself for a while with your family, playing together, 

Science: Why don't you visit: and find out about the human skeleton! What weird facts can you find out about our bones? 

Spellings: Why don't you test a partner today! Find someone to challenge on the words from the statutory lists below. Who will win? 


Literacy: If we write our own fable like the Tortoise and the Monkey, we could set it in the rainforest. Thinking about the rainforest, we could write a letter to home to your mum and dad, describing your first impressions of the rainforest. You could think about your senses, what could you feel? What could you smell? What could you see? What could you hear? What could you taste? 

Maths: We have signed up to White Rose. I have put two lessons so we can catch back up, with the lessons we missed last week. I have put the sheets under this week's learning, with the answers. If you would like to watch the slideshow for the learning please visit:

Why don't you try the Maths lesson on Bitesize today:

Why don't you draw a map of your bedroom, if you use a grid, you could draw it to scale. 

R.E.: You could look at this today:

Spellings: Why don't you try this today:


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Literacy: You could use the research you did yesterday and write a persuasive letter to convince me that it would be a good idea to go. Or you could write me a letter to convince me that there are better places to go rather than the rainforest.

Maths: I have attached a power point with reasoning problems about Place value. It is a downloadable file found under this week's learning. Let me know what you think of them. 

French: You could make a bingo game for the French vocabulary for household objects.

Spelling: Why don't you play a game on:

Writing: There are many creatures still being discovered that reside deep in the rainforest. You could design a creature that could live in the forest, that has been hidden until now. Would it be an insect? Would it be a mammal?


Literacy: It has always been a dream of mine to go and stay in the Amazon rainforest. You could find out if this is a possibility? Here is one website. What could you find out about the possibility of staying there?

Maths: I hope you are keeping up with your 5aday challenges!

It is also National Buttermilk biscuit day, you could make some today! 

Why don't you try the Maths lesson on Bitesize today:

Topic: You could look at pictures of Brazil’s capital: Brasilia and England’s capital: London. How are the cities similar? How are they different to each other? You could create a questionnaire to ask people about their views on these two cities. E.g. Which would they prefer to live in? What do they think of the buildings in Brasilia? Don’t forget to get their reasons for their answers.

Spelling:  You could use: to practise your spellings today. 


Literacy: Imagine you live in the rainforest, in a little hut, and everyday you see this turtle walk past, causing the havoc and mayhem between the animals. You could write the story from an observers point of view, asking the turtle as it strolls past what it is up to, and he replying.   

Maths: I haven't heard anything about White Rose yet. I'm in school today, so I will check to see if anyone else has heard anything. 

You could try another lesson on:

I hope you are keeping up with your 5aday challenges!

How did you measuring go yesterday? How about creating some graphs using the information that you found! You could make a bar chart. 

You could use measurements within your fruit cocktail today. Have a look at the volume of the bowls, the cups, the amount of liquid you use. 

Art: You could look at the artist Eduardo Kobra: You could create your own version of this art, tracing a picture of yourself, drawing straight line patterns over your face, then using the bold colours you have been using to colour it in.

Spelling: on: Why don't you play a game on:


Literacy: If you could choose one of the tales from yesterday, which would you choose? Which was your favourite? Why was it your favourite? How similar are the stories? How different are they?

Maths: Mrs Farr is going to sort out the White Rose for everyone soon! I will keep you posted! 

You could try a new lesson on: This website is not following the same curriculum as we would in school, but it is all year 5 objectives. 

You measure your family. How much taller are you than a younger sibling? How much smaller are you than your parents? Are you the same height as anyone? What obscure measurements could you take? How big is your eye? How wide is your ear?  

Science: You could create a timeline poster for the ages of a human body: Baby, Toddler, Child, Teenager etc. What activities can we do at these stages in our lives?

Spelling: How many words did you find yesterday? You could make a word search for them. 

Have you been back on: ? Another really good website to play games to help you learn your spellings is


Literacy: I’ve attached a file of the Tale of the Tortoise and of a Mischievous Monkey. These are traditional tales from Brazil and quite funny ones! You could read these stories (make sure to look up any words you do not know the meaning of) and make illustrations for them. They are children’s stories after all! There should be illustrations!

Maths: Unfortunately, White Rose has changed it's format and requires a subscription. Until I find out more, why don't you try some other activities.  

Here are some more challenges you could get going with:

You could also have another go at the 5aday challenge! See if you beat your last score:

You could try a new lesson on: This website is not following the same curriculum as we would in school, but it is all year 5 objectives. 

IT: You could try the website: Let me know what you think.

Spelling:  How many words can you find that include silent letters e.g. 'k', 'b', or using 'ch' instead of the 'gh' sound. 

 Yr 5 - Place Value.pptxDownload
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White Rose has the Friday challenge set up for today if you fancy some maths!

You could join the Big Cat Sanctuary Live today at 11am to see some of their amazing felines!


Literacy: I loved your writings from yesterday! They reminded me how precious the rainforest is! There are so many endangered animals in the rainforest. Why don't you pick one to look closer at? You could create a 'Save This Animal' poster to convince people to save these creatures that are so close to extinction.  

Maths: You could try Summer term, Week 3, lesson 4: 

Why don't you look into the maths of Brazil. What is the population? What is this like compared to ours? What is the average temperature? What is the land mass of the country? 

Topic: You could think about England and how the climate affects how we live? The clothes we wear, our houses, our landscape. Then make conclusions (without researching yet!) how the climate of Brazil would make the citizens’ lives different to ours. 

You could write a letter to a child who lives in Brazil asking about their daily life.

Spelling: You could continue to practise the poem you looked at yesterday. Are there any words in the statutory list that are missing from this poem?

Have you been back on: ? Another really good website to play games to help you learn your spellings is


Literacy: Thank you for your research the past two days! I have been blown away with how much you have found out! Why don't you turn your bullet points into paragraphs today? Remember to add in connectives to link the sentences, and to extend them with relative clauses or using parenthesis. You could try and extend each point to 2-3 sentences. 

Did you try any of the Literacy challenges yesterday? Why don't you try the next one?

Maths: You could try Summer term, Week 3, lesson 3:

Art: Looking back at your colour choices, your research on the Brazil street parties, I was inspired! Why don't you design your own headdress for a costume? Don't forget to do more than one design, think about the parts you like best, and then join them together to make a final design. 

Spelling: You could look at this poem: Practise this and try to learn of by heart.  


Literacy: The Amazon rainforest is huge! I have seen some great pieces of research yesterday! How about you continue researching today? Have you looked at the rivers that run through the rainforest? There are whole ecosystems that live around the riverbanks. What can you find out about them?  

For those of you who would like an extra Literacy challenge, here is a pack of sessions about a text that is at the bottom of the document:

Maths: You could try Summer term, Week 3, lesson 2:

Did you try any of those challenges yesterday? Here are the answers to help you with the challenges:

Science: If you read this report: What statements could you make about the two charts that are on this report?

Spelling: ‘ough’ is one of the trickiest spellings in English, it can be used to spell several different sounds. How many different sounds can you find?  


Literacy: Brazil is covered with a beautiful rainforest. The resources and animals that live there are numerous! Why don't you look at what a rainforest is, what creatures live there, what dangers affecting the rainforest there are, and how we could solve these dangers?  

Maths: You could try Summer term, Week 3, lesson 1:

Here are some more challenges you could get going with:

R.E.: The main religion in Brazil is Roman Catholic. What is Roman Catholicism? How is it different or similar to the Church of England? 

Spelling:  You could try those words you were tested on, on Friday. Can you beat your score?

You could make a word splat poster, using synonyms and antonyms for different words from the statutory list.   

Don't forget to visit the website: to help challenge your spelling learning.



Literacy: You could create a poster that shows your side of the argument. Do you agree with the fishermen or with the environmentalists?

Maths: You could try Summer term, Week 2, Friday Maths challenge on:

You could try a new lesson on: This website is not following the same curriculum as we would in school, but it is all year 5 objectives. Never hurts to try something new! 

For an Offline challenge: why don't you try to bake something for May Day. Make sure you use the measuring apparatus, and try to convert measurements.  

French: You could find out what the French vocabulary for words around the house.

Spelling: You could practise the words you have found this week. You could get someone to test you on the words you have found and explored. How many do you get right?

Writing: You could write a spring poem! What could today be like if it was a bright and sunny spring day? Or what is it like with the rain and rainbows? 


Literacy: What do you think? Have the fishermen changed your mind about the Kelp forests? What should we do now? You could write a balanced debate that shows both sides of the story.

Maths: You could try Summer term, Week 2, Lesson 4 on:

Have you tried this website? It covers all of the year 5 curriculum and gives some challenging questions!

You could also have another go at the 5aday challenge! See if you beat your last score: 

Topic: You could research how the climate of Brazil in comparison to England? You could look at: the average weather of the place, the average rainfall, the humidity, the hours of daylight. What different maps could you find to show these differences?

Spelling: There is a rule, ‘i’ before ‘e’ except after ‘c’, however there are exceptions to this rule. How many of the exceptions can you find?

You could make up a rhyming game, like snap, with the words from the 100 spelling words.

Did you try the link yesterday? You could try the next lesson on there: 


Literacy: It’s hard to step into another person’s shoes. Imagine you are the fisherman and are writing to Capel’s class 5 to explain why the Kelp forests are affecting your livelihood, what would you write in your letter? How would you put your point of view across? 

Maths: You could try Summer term, Week 2, Lesson 3 on:

You could try Carol Vorderman's lesson for another challenge:

Or if you really want a challenge:

Art: You could practise using bright bold colours like the Brazil costumes. Create a scribble art and colour them in, either using paint, felt tips or colouring pencils. How bright can you make it?  

Spelling: You could look at the words: refer, prefer, transfer. Write 10 sentences that use these words with different suffixes e.g. reference or transferred.

I have been sent a link to a great resource to help with spellings! Why don't you try: 


You could design a superhero. You could relate your hero to our heroes today - our NHS workers, our key workers that are keeping us running. You could link your superhero to your parents! 

Literacy: There is another side to the Kelp forests, one of the big reasons why they are endangered. That is the fishing trade of the people that live on the coasts next to the kelp forests. What reasons might they give for not worrying about the Kelp forests?

Maths: You could try Summer term, Week 2, Lesson 2 on:

Science: You could look at the gestation periods of animals compared to their mass (how long they carry a baby and how heavy they are). Is there a link?

Spelling: You could look at when an ‘r’ is doubled and when it is not, when adding suffixes to words ending with -fer. E.g. refer becomes referring. Is there a rule?

You could create a mnemonic for some of the words from the top 100 spelling words, or from the statutory word below.


Literacy: Why don't you write a story today to tell a friend or family. You could send me the story! You could write it based under the sea, or in the kelp forests?

You could write a letter to persuade people why it is important to look after the kelp forests. Remember to explain what a kelp forest is, what creatures live there and the benefits of the kelp forest, what dangers there are to the kelp forest, and how we could save it. Don't forget headings, bullet points, rhetorical questions, modal verbs and persuasive vocabulary.  

Maths: Back to White Rose this week! Try Week 2, lesson 1:

You could play a card game: Black Jack (21), Snap or Go fish.

ICT: You could create a poster reminding everyone to be safe Online, even in this climate! Remember to think about who you are talking to, who you are playing with. Stay Safe!

Spelling: Could you make 3 acrostic poems using the words from the lists below?



Literacy: Yesterday you were researching about the Kelp Forests. You could choose one of the animals you found lives there and create a fact file about that animal. You could include: Name, Latin name, species, Height, Weight, Length, speed, is it nocturnal, different interesting facts about it. Don't forget to include a diagram. 

Maths: On White Rose they have posted a Friday Maths Challenge. Remember, it suggests the suitable challenges for year 5 are numbers 1 - 5, so the rest of them would be very hard! The answers are on there way, so keep an eye out for them.

Why don't you use your map from yesterday, hide some treasure where you marked it, and see if one of your family members can follow your map to find the treasure? 

Music: Brazil has a rich history of music, some of it is mesmerising! What are your impressions of the music? Have a look at their musical instruments, do you recognise any? 

Spelling: How many words from the list below could you use within one sentence? 

Writing: Friday, after lunch, we would have had some writing for pleasure time. Why don't you take some time to sit and write today? You could write me a letter telling me all about your time off, what you have been up to, how you have been feeling, your funniest moments... :D


 Literacy: You could research information today for a project about saving our oceans. Our book focuses on the Kelp Forests, so you could research: what is a kelp forest, what creatures live in the kelp forest, what the threats to the kelp forests are and what solutions there could be. 

You could watch the clip about Tasmania’s Disappearing Kelp Forests: 

Maths: You could try another 5aday activity from: 

You could also draw a map of your house/garden and create a hidden treasure map. Remember to use coordinates. You could try to use symbols for the different objects in your house. 

Topic: You could draw a map of Brazil. Make sure you label the cities and the oceans that surround it. 

You could also draw a map of England and see how different/similar the two countries are. 

Spelling: You could play hang man with the words from the lists below. 

Did you find any patterns with the words you have found that have the suffix -able or -ible? Can you see any rules as to when you use these suffixes? 

Remember to keep reading and using other Online resources to keep yourself busy! 


Literacy: You could think about how you would react underwater. A fantastic skill in writing is 'Show, not tell' - when writers tell the reader who a character is feeling through their actions and how they react to situations. So, without telling me the emotion you would be feeling, how would you react/ what would you do if you went on a trip down to the depths of the ocean? 

Maths: We're a little ahead of ourselves on WhiteRose, so why don't you try a 5aday activity from:  

How did you do on your times table test? Are there any that you need to practise? 

Art: Have you ever seen a Brazilian street carnival? They are amazing! There were fantastic examples of this at the 2016: and the end of its closing ceremony: 

You good look at the costumes, the bright colours and elaborate accessories. do they remind you of anything? You could sketch some of your favourites that you see. 

Spelling: Any of the words you found yesterday, can they use the suffix: -ant or -ance/-ancy or even -ation instead? Does this change the meaning of any of these words?

You could write pyramids of 3 of the words in the lists below.   


Literacy: If you came, eye to eye with a whale, what would you think? What would the whale be thinking? Would the whale be happy to see you in the ocean? What whale would you come face to face with? 

Maths: You could look at the Lesson 4 Week 1 of Summer term on: 

You could use shapes to create an image. You could make an underwater scene using 2D shapes, e.g squares, rectangles, triangles etc. 

Have you given yourself a times table test recently? How did you do? 

You could try a 5aday activity from: Do you beat your last score? 

Science: You could look at some baby photos of yourself. How have you changed since then? If you look at pictures of your parents, how could you look when you're older? What are the different stages of human growth? You could draw yourself at each stage of life. 

Spelling: In the book you are reading, how many words can you find that use the suffix -able/-ably. Are these more common that words ending with -ible/-ibly? 

Don't forget to practise the words below and the hundred most common words.


Literacy: Remember those beautiful adjectives and phrases you wrote on Friday? You could use those to make a gorgeous poem about the forest kelp in the ocean. You could use 'The Highway man' as inspiration for your poem. 

Maths: You could look at the Lesson 3 Week 1 of Summer term on: 

You could go on a shape scavenger hunt, finding 3D shapes in nature or in your home. Cubes, cuboids, cylinders etc. You could use a sorting tree to identify what the shapes are. 

R.E.: Some Christians believe that Jesus' mission was to tell the Word of God to the poor, to free prisoners and those in oppression and make the blind man see. You could think about what your Mission would be. What do you want to do for others? 

Spelling: You could pick out 5 words and write them in weird writing. You could practise your bubble writing ;) 




LiteracyYou could find a picture of an underwater jungle (a kelp forest, a coral reef) and write a description using your five senses: sight, touch, taste, sound, smell. Remember to fill it with different descriptive features: alliteration, simile, metaphor, personification, onomatopoeia, adjectives, adverbs. 

If you prefer, you could create a mind map around the picture. Surrounding the picture with descriptive phrases instead of putting them into a paragraph. 

You could instead write a diary entry about visiting the jungle, describing  your experience. 

MathsI'm sorry for the confusion yesterday! Today you could look at Lesson 2, week 1 of Summer term on: 

TopicWe would be beginning to look at Brazil. You could find the country on the map, find it's capital, the surrounding oceans.

You could create a fact file about the country: its population, its continent, its currency etc. 

SpellingYou could make a scrabble art using the words in the lists below. 


Literacy: This term we would be moving onto a new text called 'The Hidden Forest' by Jeannie Baker. It is a lovely book about a forest found in the ocean! There is a huge movement at the moment, about the amount of plastic in the oceans. You could look into facts about this, and any charities or people that are trying to sort this for our oceans. 

MathsYou could look at Lesson 1, Week 1 of Summer term on: 

You could try a 5aday activity from: Do you beat your last score? 

Perfect for practising your times tables on top of Rockstars:

 SpellingsDon't forget to practise the words in the lists below!


Literacy: You could use the structure of 'The Highway Man' to write your own poem. This could be based on the research you did last week on highway men, on you being a highway man, on having been caught and waiting for the gallows, or your own version of the Easter Story. 

Maths: You could look at Lesson 2, week 2 on: hope the videos are helping! 

You could try a 5aday activity from: How did you find these yesterday?

You could look at:

Topic: Do you think the country was right? Should we have deposed Charles I? Should we have brought back Charles II? Should Cromwell have ruled? If you could write a letter to the government back then, what would you say?  

Spellings: You could create a crossword using words ending in -ent, -ence or -ency. You could also practise the top 100 high frequency words.  


Literacy: You could look again at 'The Highway Man' poem. What is the structure? What is happening in each stanza (verse)? Do any line repeat? Is there a rhyming structure to it? What do you think about the structure? 

Maths: You could look at Lesson 1, week 2 on:

You could try a 5aday activity from: 

Topic: You could write an explanation to explain how England changed due to the Civil War. Remember, an explanation needs an introduction, subordination conjunctions, a heading, statements, rhetorical questions and a conclusion. 

R.E.: You could research the Easter story. What are the key events that led up to the resurrection of Christ? You could draw these in a flow chart. 

Spellings: You could write some silly sentences that use words ending in -ant, -ance or -ancy. How funny can you make them? 



Literacy: The Highway Man uses beautiful language to describe the night and to create an atmosphere! You could use similar language to describe a scene from your window, or one from your walk. Remember to think about what atmosphere you want to create. Do you want it to be tranquil? Do you want it to be scary? Do you want to inspire? 

Maths: You could complete lesson 4 on:  Remember that you could use your books to write the answers in, so you do not have to print off the sheets each day.

Topic: You could see how crime and punishment has changed since the Civil War. What did they do to 'punish' law breakers that is different to today? What is still the same? Does anything surprise you? 

Music: You could listen to different 'pop' songs from around the world. I quite enjoy JPop from Japan. Are there any that you like? 

 Spellings: you could create a word search using the words you used yesterday.


Literacy: Most of the Highway Men found themselves facing the gallows. 'Oranges and Lemons' is a nursery rhyme that follows the bells that rang their fateful morning. You could map out where these churches are in London. 

Maths: You could complete lesson 3 on:  Remember that you could use your books to write the answers in, so you do not have to print off the sheets each day.

Another idea for maths today: you could find 6 times where you write the time in analogue (using a clock face) and digital in 24hour and 12hour clock. 

Topic: There are so many different people around the world, and that is what makes the world so amazing! You could look at different religious buildings from different countries. What amazing structures can you find? What religions are they from? How are they different or similar to each other? Does anything link them to each other? 

 Spellings: How many different words can you use today that end with '-cial'? e.g. special, initial, influential


Literacy: You could find out what a Highway man is today. Who were famous Highway Men in history? What happened to them? Can you think of any other fictional Highway Men? 

Maths: You could complete lesson 2 on; It has questions and the answers next to the video.

Topic: It is such a beautiful spring. You could do some spring art: still life pictures of daffodils, landscapes, collecting nature and creating a collage, a nature walk and collect small bits of nature on some double sided sticky tape. 


Literacy: Read the poem 'The Highway Man' by Alfred Noyes. It is a beautiful narrative poem, with amazing imagery. There are versions you can watch available on youtube too! If you find any words you do not understand, remember to use a dictionary to find their definitions. You could keep a record of all the WOW vocabulary you find! 

 Maths: Complete lesson 1 on; It has questions and the answers next to the video.

You could create a visual poster that shows how fractions and decimals link together. Think about the different ways you could show that they are equivalent. (pennies, chocolate, measuring) 

Topic: You could investigate how you could separate a pile of different materials. If you had salt and sugar, how could you tell them apart? 

Class 5


Welcome to Year 5!


Class Information

Teaching Team: Miss Buxton, Mrs Harrington, Mrs Knight, Mrs smith and Mrs Tracey. 


Term 1/2 Topic: "Space"

This term we will be exploring the history of Space Travel! 

Term 3 Topic: "Battle of the Roses"

This term we will be exploring the history of the War of the Roses!

Term 4 Topic: "Civil Unrest"

This term we will be exploring the history of the English Civil War!



 Homework is sent home on a Tuesday and is due back the following Monday.

Topic is set termly - thank you for the beautiful pieces last term! They are on display outside our classroom. They are Fantastic!

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