- Join Joe Wicks for your daily exercise fix: https://www.youtube.com/user/thebodycoach1 - A lovely idea for this evening: Oliver Jeffers is doing a stay at home story time every day at 6pm. https://www.oliverjeffers.com/books#abookaday/ - David Walliams is posting a daily audio story of his. A fantastic listen! https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/uk/lifestyle/a31909033/david-walliams-free-childrens-audio-story/?utm_medium=social-media&utm_campaign=socialflowFBGHUK - The National Theatre is to broadcast a new play every Thursday night at 7pm. Find out more at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUDq1XzCY0NIOYVJvEMQjqw - 

It has been great hearing what you are reading at home! Here are some titles I have been sent: HEARTLAND (a series based around Amy Fleming, who lives on a ranch called Heartland in Virginia) ERAGON (a series about a boy and his dragon saving the world) THE HOBBIT (the prequel to Lord of the Rings about how Bilbo found the One Ring) HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE (number four in the famous series, where the Triwizard tournament comes to Hogwarts). CHARLIE BONE series (Children of the Red King, an 8 book series following Charlie's discovery that he has magic powers). Keep up the reading! I'd love to hear of more books you would recommend. Remember you can access books via 'Oxford Owls'.

Welcome Class 5

Good Morning! It's the holidays! I would like to say a huge thank you for all of your hard work. I have loved seeing and hearing all of your news. I will post again on the 16th April. 

Thank you to all who have been sending me messages, photos, updates of how you are and what you have been doing! It has been lovely to hear from you! I have really enjoyed hearing about all the extra life skills you have been learning! The cooking especially has been very impressive! Make sure you have a look below at some of the pictures of your hard work. 

Have a fantastic Easter Holiday! Remember, if you want some activities to do, look at the websites below or at the possible holiday activities. Have fun and remember to have a relaxing and revitalising break!  


Literacy: You could use the structure of 'The Highway Man' to write your own poem. This could be based on the research you did last week on highway men, on you being a highway man, on having been caught and waiting for the gallows, or your own version of the Easter Story. 

Maths: You could look at Lesson 2, week 2 on: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-5/I hope the videos are helping! 

You could try a 5aday activity from: https://corbettmathsprimary.com/5-a-day/ How did you find these yesterday?

You could look at: https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/supermovers

Topic: Do you think the country was right? Should we have deposed Charles I? Should we have brought back Charles II? Should Cromwell have ruled? If you could write a letter to the government back then, what would you say?  

Spellings: You could create a crossword using words ending in -ent, -ence or -ency. You could also practise the top 100 high frequency words.  


Literacy: You could look again at 'The Highway Man' poem. What is the structure? What is happening in each stanza (verse)? Do any line repeat? Is there a rhyming structure to it? What do you think about the structure? 

Maths: You could look at Lesson 1, week 2 on: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-5/

You could try a 5aday activity from: https://corbettmathsprimary.com/5-a-day/ 

Topic: You could write an explanation to explain how England changed due to the Civil War. Remember, an explanation needs an introduction, subordination conjunctions, a heading, statements, rhetorical questions and a conclusion. 

R.E.: You could research the Easter story. What are the key events that led up to the resurrection of Christ? You could draw these in a flow chart. 

Spellings: You could write some silly sentences that use words ending in -ant, -ance or -ancy. How funny can you make them? 


To access good resources, you can access these through 'Twinkl'. This is offering free access if you go to: www.twinkl.co.uk/offer and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS

Carol Vorderman has made her website free for parents to resource: https://www.themathsfactor.com/

A good website for maths resources: http://mrbartonmaths.com/index.html


Literacy: The Highway Man uses beautiful language to describe the night and to create an atmosphere! You could use similar language to describe a scene from your window, or one from your walk. Remember to think about what atmosphere you want to create. Do you want it to be tranquil? Do you want it to be scary? Do you want to inspire? 

Maths: You could complete lesson 4 on: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-5/  Remember that you could use your books to write the answers in, so you do not have to print off the sheets each day.

Topic: You could see how crime and punishment has changed since the Civil War. What did they do to 'punish' law breakers that is different to today? What is still the same? Does anything surprise you? 

Music: You could listen to different 'pop' songs from around the world. I quite enjoy JPop from Japan. Are there any that you like? 

 Spellings: you could create a word search using the words you used yesterday.


Literacy: Most of the Highway Men found themselves facing the gallows. 'Oranges and Lemons' is a nursery rhyme that follows the bells that rang their fateful morning. You could map out where these churches are in London. 

Maths: You could complete lesson 3 on:  https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-5/  Remember that you could use your books to write the answers in, so you do not have to print off the sheets each day.

Another idea for maths today: you could find 6 times where you write the time in analogue (using a clock face) and digital in 24hour and 12hour clock. 

Topic: There are so many different people around the world, and that is what makes the world so amazing! You could look at different religious buildings from different countries. What amazing structures can you find? What religions are they from? How are they different or similar to each other? Does anything link them to each other? 

 Spellings: How many different words can you use today that end with '-cial'? e.g. special, initial, influential


Literacy: You could find out what a Highway man is today. Who were famous Highway Men in history? What happened to them? Can you think of any other fictional Highway Men? 

Maths: You could complete lesson 2 on; https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-5/ It has questions and the answers next to the video.

Topic: It is such a beautiful spring. You could do some spring art: still life pictures of daffodils, landscapes, collecting nature and creating a collage, a nature walk and collect small bits of nature on some double sided sticky tape. 


Literacy: Read the poem 'The Highway Man' by Alfred Noyes. It is a beautiful narrative poem, with amazing imagery. There are versions you can watch available on youtube too! If you find any words you do not understand, remember to use a dictionary to find their definitions. You could keep a record of all the WOW vocabulary you find! 

 Maths: Complete lesson 1 on; https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-5/ It has questions and the answers next to the video.

You could create a visual poster that shows how fractions and decimals link together. Think about the different ways you could show that they are equivalent. (pennies, chocolate, measuring) 

Topic: You could investigate how you could separate a pile of different materials. If you had salt and sugar, how could you tell them apart? 

Class 5


Welcome to Year 5!


Class Information

Teaching Team: Miss Buxton, Mrs Harrington, Mrs Knight, Mrs smith and Mrs Tracey. 


Term 1/2 Topic: "Space"

This term we will be exploring the history of Space Travel! 

Term 3 Topic: "Battle of the Roses"

This term we will be exploring the history of the War of the Roses!

Term 4 Topic: "Civil Unrest"

This term we will be exploring the history of the English Civil War!



 Homework is sent home on a Tuesday and is due back the following Monday.

Topic is set termly - thank you for the beautiful pieces last term! They are on display outside our classroom. They are Fantastic!

Safer Internet Day

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