Class 1

Welcome to Class 1's learning page!

Nature Art

We are learning about the artist Andy Goldsworthy. We have discovered that he doesn't use paper, paint or pastels, he uses all things nature! Today, we went on a nature walk around the school grounds to collect some leaves, grass, flowers, feathers and sticks and created some leaf animals! Can you guess what animals we  made?

Halves and Quarters

In maths, we have been learning about halves and quarters. We have been halving slices bread and cakes. We also went out onto the playground and practised finding halves and quarters of shapes. Here are some pictures of our learning:

Oil Pastels

This week we have been exploring and experimenting with oil pastels. We looked at different colour shades and blending techniques. We then had a go at creating some very colourful trees!

Spring Walk

This week we went on a spring walk! We talked about the different colours we could see, how the weather has changed and the birth of animals such as lambs, chicks and rabbits. We then painted our own spring trees!


World Book Day


Thursday 4th March, was World Book Day. We created story hats for our favourite books. Can you guess our favourite stories from our hats?

Non-screen day

On Friday, we had our first non-screen day. Here is what we got up to.

Alien Watch

In literacy, we have been reading Man on the Moon (a day in the life of Bob). We have been designing and becoming aliens as Bob doesn’t think they exist! Each alien will soon have their very own story, but for now watch out Tonbridge there are aliens about!

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

We went on a hunt around our houses to find objects to create rainbow pictures. We hope these colourful pictures brighten up your lockdown!

Happy New Year!

Please see below the letter regarding home learning.

Merry Christmas!

Love Class One

Merry Christmas!

Knights and Castles

Our Knights and Castles project has come to an end, We have learnt about the different features of castles, how Kings and Queens get their crowns, the different jobs and roles in the castle and the legend of King Arthur. In our last lesson, we shared our home projects. We had stories of Knights in shining armour, castles fit for Kings and Queens and swords and shields suitable for the bravest of Knights.


We're going on a shape hunt

This week we have been learning all about 3D shapes. We went on a walk around the school to see what different 3D shapes we could find.

Class one became poets

We have started term 2 off with a BANG! We have been learning about Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night. We have created some firework poems that we wrote and then performed in front of our friends.

Dear 2026 me

In Class One, we have been looking at ways we remember the past and how time changes things.  We have created a “Class One Time Capsule". Inside we have included this week’s First News newspaper, photos and we have written letters and drawn pictures to ourselves that we will open in the year 2026!


Here is a sneak peek inside!

Autumn Walk

This week we went on an Autumn walk! We talked about the different colours we could see, how the weather has changed and about how some animals are starting to go into hibernation. We then painted our own Autumn trees!  

RE with Mrs Campbell!

In RE this term we have been learning ‘who is a Christian?’. We understand that Christians believe in God and that God is the Father of Jesus. We can recognise some Christian objects and talk about Christian celebrations such as weddings, christenings and Easter. We had fun recalling family events! We listened to the creation story and the parable of The Lost Sheep, which we acted out in small groups to each other – this was a lot of fun! This helped us to understand that God does not give up on any of us, good or bad. To understand that Christians trust in God to provide and look after them we read the story of Feeding the 5,000 and how Jesus walked on water to reach his friends who were in trouble on the lake. Today we talked about the things we needed when we were born and how our parents continue to provide for us as we grow. Christians believe God is like their Father! Here are some photos of us acting!

Harvest Festival

To celebrate Harvest Festival, we created our own paper pumpkins.

We discussed why we celebrate the harvesting of crops and why we donate food to charity.

Class 1's Material Treasure Hunt!

In Science, we have been looking at objects and the materials they are made of. We went on a hunt around the school grounds to see what materials we could find.

We have been looking at the story of The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister. We have created our own Rainbow Fish with the scales representing what the children believe makes a good friend.

Welcome back!

We hope you had a lovely summer break and are as excited as we are for the year ahead!