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It's our last week in Class 1! 


With only two days left in Class 1, I have added some end of term activities to the class page today which we will also be doing in school! I hope you enjoy them!  I would love to hear some of your favourite Year 1 memories! Send them over on  Dojo or by email on  You may also like to try our Class 1 quiz! If you download the powerpoint slides, you will be able to see the correct answers highlighted in yellow. Let me know how you get on! 

Best wishes, 

Miss Mills 

Some of your most recent home learning...

Here are just some of the things that REAL Mrs Chilman and I have been getting up to...

The Adventures of Flat Miss Mills and Mrs Chilman

What a busy week we have had running, gardening, cooking, singing and learning with you! 

Recommended websites for Home Learning:

RWI Phonics Lessons at home  - 

Maths 4 Kids - 

BBC Bitesize - 

The Maths Factor -    

Twinkl -  (Free Twinkl resources for all areas can be found using the password UKtwinklhelps)

'Real PE' - The login details for which I have sent to you in a message via Dojo 

You can access free reading books on 'Oxford Owl'

Sing Up at Home -

Get Set Tokyo Travel to Tokyo 

Home PE (PPP)

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Congratulations Mrs Farr on your 1 year anniversary as Head Teacher at Capel Primary School! Class 1 want to say a big congratulations and a huge thank you!

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Good Morning Class 1!  Welcome back! 

I hope you had a lovely Easter break! I caught up with my friends and family on facetime and baked lots of Easter treats! I read two books that I have been meaning to read for ages and I ate Easter eggs for breakfast on Easter Sunday (Shsss don't tell anyone!) 

It feels very odd starting a new term without your bright, smiling faces but I am looking forward to hearing about what you all got up to! You made such a fantastic start to home learning before the holidays and I am looking forward to seeing more of your hard work!

I have attached some daily tasks for today below. Please remember that these are a guide only. It is the first day back, so you may want to try to slowly ease back into a routine that works for you and your family. Don't forget to send me pictures or messages about what you have been getting up to through Class Dojo or email! 

Have a lovely day!

Best wishes

Miss Mills 

Good morning Class 1!

It is the last day of term so today will be the last day I put up new activities until the new term begins on the 16th April.

I have been blown away by all your hard work and dedication over the last week and a bit! You should all be very proud of yourselves! A big marshmallow clap to everybody! 


Have a wonderful, well-deserved rest and I will be back on the website after the holiday with lots of new ideas and activities for you.

I will still be checking emails/Dojo so please do contact me if you need. 


Stay safe and well and enjoy your break!

Happy Easter!

Kind regards

Miss Mills

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Good morning Class 1! 

It's Friday! It has been very strange not seeing you all this week, but it has been lovely receiving all of your photographs and pictures! I have been so impressed with all of your hard work and effort! Keep up the excellent work! 


Remember to take regular breaks from your learning, keep moving and take a moment to be mindful. 


Have a restful weekend and spend some quality time with your families.

Best wishes

Miss Mills 

Dear Parents/Carers,


We would like to stress that these daily suggested tasks and activities are a guidance only. We absolutely understand and appreciate that home life has to fit around these. 

If you need any further support with anything or would like to send over some photographs, pictures or videos, I am here on Dojo and email.


Sending you all well wishes!

Miss Mills  

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Dear parents/carers,

Some families have requested a little more guidance on what a daily timetable for home learning might look like so I have created an example for you below. Children really thrive on a daily routine and it can really help to ease anxiety, so setting up a routine is a great idea for home learning. The attached daily timetable is only an example - you need to find something that works for you and your family.  If you are working from home, this timetable may be too much to manage but you may be able to incorporate some of the elements. 

As important as it is for children to keep doing some academic style activities, it is equally important that children have some time to chill out and do their own thing too. Adults will also need some peace and quiet so a quiet/chill time is a great way to incorporate this into a day. The age of your children is another important factor. Younger children will need much shorter activities and older children might manage a bit more.  It will be a challenge if you have children of different ages but you could set up a slightly different timetable for each of them to take this into account.

I have saved the exemplar below on the Class 1 website page as a word document so feel free to adapt it and print it out if you want to and feel it would be useful. 

If you need any further support with this, feel free to get in touch via class Dojo or email. 

Most importantly, make sure you factor in some time to chat with your child about how they are feeling at this time.  As adults, this is a very confusing and unsettling time so our little ones will be having similar feelings.

Learning activities will be coming your way on Monday morning. Keep a close eye on our website page. 

I hope you are all keeping safe and well.

Kind regards
Miss Mills 

P.E at home with Joe Wicks

Year 1 Spelling 


Common exception words are words where the usual spelling rule doesn't apply. Below, are the common exception words we use frequently in our writing. Children in Year 1 should know and be able to spell these words independently in their own writing. 

British Science Week 2020

On Thursday morning, we had a special visitor named Mr Sandy. He is a geologist who studies rocks and fossils! He shared his expertise and knowledge with us during the morning and we got the chance to look closely at some of the rocks and fossils that he had brought with him! It was good fun! Mr Sandy showed us a variety of rocks, even a rock that floats (pumice - an igneous rock). He shared some fascinating facts with us and he made us laugh a lot too!

World Book Day 2020


World Book Day is an annual celebration of authors, illustrators, books and reading.

On World Book Day, we all enjoyed dressing up as our favourite story characters. We had a special assembly where everyone, including the teachers, got the chance to show off their costumes to the rest of the school.
After break time, we enjoyed sharing a story with our Class 5 reading buddies. We looked at the pictures together and Class 5 helped us with the more challenging words!

In the afternoon, we used the computers to read some exciting new e-books. Reading on the computers was lots of fun! Finally, we designed our own World Book Day bookmarks to use when we share stories at home!

Numbers to 50


Oops! Mrs Chilman accidently cut up all the number squares to 50. We had to use our knowledge of number to stick them all back together again.


We have enjoyed our Numeracy learning this week and we are now really confident with counting, reading and writing numbers to 50. We have started to recognise patterns and we have used our knowledge of tens and ones from previous learning to help us. 

Safer Internet Day - Tuesday 11th February 2020

Today, our learning was centered around Safer Internet Day. We discussed what we like to do online and offline and this helped us to understand the ways in which we are similar and different to others in our class. We talked about the term 'identity' and what this means (The things that make you... YOU!) We had lots of fun drawing and writing all of the things that are important to us and what make us who we are. Some of the things we included were similar to others in lots of ways but we are still all unique! We now understand that our identity online can be copied, changed or altered. We read a story called 'Digi Duck' to help us understand this and we all made our own avatars to represent and protect us online! See some of our photos below...

Space Projects

Well done to all of the children in Class 1 for their fantastic Space Projects this week!

We had our topic gallery in class this week.  We loved sharing our work with our friends and teachers.

They were all really impressed with our hard work and creativity!

Check out some of our Space projects below:

Class 1: Open Classroom

On Friday 14th February, we will be opening our classroom after school.

Come and have a look at all of the fantastic learning we have been doing!

We look forward to seeing you all on Friday 14th February.



Making Friendship Bracelets

We have been learning about instructions and we can now recognise all of the key features in instructional writing. We had a look at a good example and used our detective skills to find all of the key features. Once we had found them, we had a go at following the instructions. We all created our own friendship bracelets! See some of our photos below.

Class 1 are learning about Instructions! 

Today, we continued our learning with instructions. We now understand how important it is to give clear and detailed instructions. Miss Mills dressed up as ‘Sarah’ and we had to give her instructions so she could put her things away successfully in the classroom. Then Miss Muddle (Mrs Chilman shhhh) gave us some instructions to follow. They were not very clear or easy to follow at all!


At the end, we gave each other instructions to follow, remembering to be clear and specific! We were much better at it than Miss Muddle!


Space Explorers: New Planets! 


Today, we learnt the names of all the planets in the Solar System. Then, we designed and created our own planets and used watercolour techniques that we learnt in the Autumn term.

We have given our planets new names which really made us laugh!

Our planets will be up on display soon for everybody to see! 


Spring Term - Welcome Back!

Learning Information

Class 1

Term 3: Space Explorers


Welcome back to school – we hope you have had a lovely Christmas and are looking forward to all that the New Year brings!

In Class 1, our topic this term is Space Explorers. We will be learning about space, our Solar System and life on other planets; as well as important events and people from history and how they have impacted our world. In art this term we are exploring clay, how to use it, tools and techniques that will support us in creating some amazing space themed models!


In Literacy, we have started looking at instruction writing this term and will be applying that to other areas of our learning. We will use quality children’s literature to enthuse and engage the children in a range of writing genres including fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Our focus texts this term will be Q Pootle 5, Aliens love underpants and Man on the Moon (a day in the life of Bob),


During the term, we will continue to develop our mathematical knowledge of the number system and we will be using our skills to develop our understanding of numbers to 50 and beyond! We will also be exploring measurement including length, height, weight and volume. 


We are now moving away from the Plan, Do Review approach from the EYFS to the Topic led learning required for the Year 1 curriculum content. Show and Tell will still be on a Monday Afternoon.  The children can share any achievements, special events or items that relate to our learning in class. Please encourage your child to research/bring in information related to our topic Space Explorers.


Optional activities at home can include

  • Looking at fiction and non-fiction books related to space
  • Using instructions to cook a family meal or build something with an adult
  • Counting and more counting – in jumps of 2, 5, and 10
  • Exploring the sky at night (using a telescope if you can!)
  • Practice adding and taking away using concrete objects or a number line
  • Measure and record items around your house or even members of your family


Main areas of learning:

Please continue with everything you have been doing so far!

Reading – Please read with your child daily, for a minimum of 10 minutes. It is important that you ask your child different questions about what they are reading to ensure they are making meaning from the text. This will help to increase reading pleasure and will help your child in other areas of their learning too.

Does your child have a favourite text that they want to read again and again? Have you started to memorise that text? In class, we share many of the same stories with the children, simply because they love to hear them! When our children memorise a text, this is a good thing! Repetitive reading — whether you’re reading to your child or they’re reading to you — offers a number of benefits for young readers. Keep using the reading bookmark you received last term!


Please reinforce all phonics learnt so far through games such as ‘I spy’, ‘hangman’ and any relevant computer games. Please ensure your child is confident with blending the sounds together to read the word. In class, we say ‘Fred talk – Read the word’.


The following sites are particularly useful:




Reading books will continue to be changed once a week when they are read with individually. Please feel free to explore other reading material with your child.


Writing – Alongside reading with your child (which will support their development in writing), allow your child to explore writing at home. This can be achieved through card making, shopping lists, story writing, or copying from their favourite book. Please use pencil for written activities and lined paper to ensure consistency.


Maths – Regular activities such as, playing dominoes, card games, counting objects, using dice in board games, telling the time to ‘o clock’ and ‘half past’ and measuring during cooking.


P.E will take place on Mondays and Thursdays this term. Please make sure that P.E kits are in a named P.E bag, with each item named!


Homework will be given out on Friday and will be due the following Thursday.


Homework will consist of a Literacy or spelling task, a Numeracy based task (this may include Mathletics) and a topic project to cover the whole term. Please ensure the purple folder is returned to school with your child’s completed homework every Thursday. Please let us know if your child is unable to access Mathletics. If your child attends homework club, they will be able to complete Mathletics during the club.


Please let us know if you have any resources or expertise that you would like to share with the class this term.


Thank you for continuing to support your child’s learning. We are looking forward to building on our success from last term!


Miss Mills and Mrs Chilman

Christmas time!


Christmas has come to class 1! This week, we have received a special letter from Father Christmas. We have been learning about letters so we can write our own to Father Christmas! We have looked at the key features of letter writing to ensure we use them in our own! 

In Numeracy, we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes and will be using these to make some Christmas patterns! 

We have also been making some Christmas crafts in class this week! We enjoyed making paper plate Christmas trees. It was lots of fun and we enjoyed using the glitter! Check out some of our photos!

Well done to all the children in Class 1 for their Christmas performances this week! They did so well and made a fantastic effort at learning their lines! They sang beautifully and remembered all the actions! A big well done! 



We are learning about number bonds to 10!

We have been using the different equipment in our classroom to help us learn our number bonds to 10. We have enjoyed using the part whole model, counters, unifix cubes and even our fingers!

Take a look at some of our photos! 

Anti-Bullying Week: Change Starts With Us!

Anti-bullying Week is an annual UK event held across schools in November which aims to raise awareness of bullying. In Class 1. we talked about the value of kindness and the impact it can have on other people. We drew around our hands on a piece of paper and on each one we wrote one way that we would be kind to others in the future.

Once Upon a Time Party!

On the last day of Term 1, we had lots of fun at our 'Once Upon a time' party! We reflected on all of our learning in our first term in Class 1 and we shared our favourite fairytales!

We had lots of fun playing party games and we enjoyed tasting all of the goodies that everybody brought in to share! They were delicious! See some of our photos below! 

We are looking forward to our new topic next half term! 


Who's been eating my porridge?

Today, we received a very special email from the Three Bears!

To say thank you for our fantastic letters last week, The Three Bears delivered some delicious porridge for us to try! We tried Baby Bear's porridge which was delicious! We tried Mummy Bear's porridge which was very sweet! Finally, we tried Daddy Bear's Porridge which was very salty! We had so much fun and some of us even had seconds! 

Understanding Place Value


In our Numeracy lessons, we have been learning all about number! We have been finding 'one more' and 'one less'. We understand the words 'smallest' and 'greatest' and have been practising comparing and ordering numbers! 



Harvest Festival is Upon Us... 


In Class 1, we have been getting ready for our Harvest Festival. We have been learning about the traditional British celebration in our lessons. Harvest Festival is celebrated in churches and schools. We celebrate the food that’s grown and produced on our land - and we also help those in need by donating food items to charities and communities. We have put our class donations into a special Harvest box and we are looking forward to presenting it at the Harvest Festival. Here we are getting our special box ready... 



Class 1

Welcome to Class 1's web page!

We are known as Galileo Class after the famous astronomer, like him we love to explore, invent and learn from others. We take pride in listening to others, taking care of our environment and always trying our best!

Find out about everything we are doing in school below!


Class Information

Teacher: Miss Mills

TA: Mrs Chilman



Learning Information

Year 1 – Galileo Class Term 1

‘Once Upon a Time’


Welcome back to school – we hope you have had a lovely summer. Welcome to Year 1, with Miss Mills and Mrs Chilman. We are all very excited for the year ahead and we are looking forward to getting to know and teaching your children.

Our aim is to ensure that the children experience a smooth transition from the Foundation Stage to Key Stage One. The Year 1 curriculum builds upon and extends the experiences that children have had in Reception. Learning through play will continue to be an important part of the school day, and the children will gradually be eased into more formal learning as the year goes on so that they remain motivated, enthused and eager learners. Please don’t hesitate to come and see me either before or after school if you have any questions or queries.


Our first topic this term is ‘Once Upon a Time’. In this topic we will be looking at familiar stories, and using all our senses to explore settings, characters and narratives. We will be focusing on discovering what makes a good story and will have a go at writing our own!

Throughout this topic we are going to be covering a range of writing and reading skills including, book reviews, captions, predictions, inferring, describing characters and settings, as well as focusing on capital letters, full stops and sentence writing!


During the term, we will be developing our mathematical knowledge of the number system and using our skills to solve problems and explain our understanding. We will be focusing most of our attention on place value and core number knowledge to support the year ahead.


In Science this term, we will be learning all about our senses and the body parts that use them. Throughout the term we will be using these senses to support our Literacy and Numeracy skills. Later in the term, we shall also be exploring the seasons; thinking about weather, months of the year and environmental changes around us.


Optional activities at home can include:


  • Reading a range of traditional and modern fairy tales.
  • Weather watching
  • Role Play and acting out stories (from books or made up).
  • Writing sentences about their favourite books, characters or activities.
  • Counting and more counting – up to 50!
  • Missing number games.
  • Visiting the library and enjoying books.
  • Cooking (and eating!), walks/adventures in the park or woods, working in the garden, etc. (using senses to explore these activities).


Main areas of learning:



Children are expected to have their reading book in school every day. They should read for a minimum of 10 minutes per day at home. This can be recorded on their personal bookmark by a parent or guardian by signing with an initial and date. Once the bookmark has been completed, your child will receive 5 Dojo points. As comprehension plays such a fundamental role in reading, please encourage your child to talk about what they have read and answer questions about the text. We will provide a ‘Reading Questions’ bookmark to support you with this!


Please reinforce all phonics learnt so far through games such as ‘I spy’, ‘hangman’ and any relevant computer games. The following sites are particularly useful:

Reading books will be changed once per week when they are read with individually, but feel free to explore other reading material with your child. I have attached to this letter a list of 50 recommended reads for Year 1.


Writing and Spelling

Alongside reading with your child (which will support their development in writing), allow your child to explore writing at home. This can be achieved through card making, shopping lists, story writing, or copying from their favourite book. Please find attached to this letter, a list of key words and a letter formation sheet. I have also attached the Year 1 common exception words which we will be focusing on in class. These are words commonly found in the English language, but which do not follow the phonic rules that have been taught so far.



Regular activities such as, playing dominoes, card games, counting objects, using dice in board games, telling the time to ‘o clock’ and ‘half past’ and measuring during cooking.


General Reminders:

  • The children will be doing PE on Mondays and Thursdays. Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school and that all items are clearly labelled. We encourage children to practise getting dressed at home to help them get changed quickly in school.
  • Homework will be given out on a Friday and will be due in on the following Thursday. Homework in year 1 will include a literacy-based activity and as this term progresses a Mathletics task. We will be introducing them to Mathletics in ICT and your child’s username and password for Mathletics will be added to the front of their contact book. If you cannot access Mathletics from home, please let us know and we will find time in the school day for your child to complete this. There will also be a termly topic homework. More information about this will follow.
  • Any letters, messages or reply slips, which need to be returned, can be put in your child’s contact book. These will be checked daily by either myself or Mrs Chilman. You will also be receiving a letter in the coming days about ‘Class Dojo’, which we also use as a main source of communication.
  • Show and tell will be held on a Monday for children to share with their class any achievements, family events or topic-based learning that has occurred.
  • Please can you send in any cardboard boxes and tubes (or anything else suitable) that we can use for junk-modelling. A steady flow of resources would be much appreciated (unfortunately, we cannot accept toilet rolls). 


Thank you for continuing to support your child’s learning. We are looking forward to a really successful year! Please don’t hesitate to come and see me either before or after school if you have any questions or queries.


Miss Mills and Mrs Chilman

Down on the Farm Topic Projects

We had our topic gallery this afternoon. We all brought in some wonderful and interesting projects using the stimulus of 'Down on the Farm'

We loved sharing our work with our friends and teachers. They were really impressed!

Our School Trip to Godstone Farm!

Today we went to Godstone farm for our school trip.

We did lots of fun activities in the morning such as a minibeast hunt, tractor ride, feeding the pigs and meeting some interesting animals.

In the afternoon we were lucky enough to watch the piglet race. Wispa the blue pig won both rounds!

Before heading home we got the chance to go on the outdoor play equipment.

We had so much fun but are now exhausted!

Living and Growing Topic Gallery

Today we had our topic gallery, this meant we shared the topic projects we have been working hard at this term.

We have all put in a lot of effort and loved sharing our learning and creativity with each other!

Galileo and the Beanstalk!

As part of our topic this term we have been growing our own beanstalks in glass jars.

We have filled in a diary every week to see how the beans have changed and grown.

We have learnt about the different stages of a beans life and recognised when our bean had reached that stage.

We're all taking our beans home to plant them in our gardens!

Andy Goldsworthy Art!

We learnt about the natural art of Andy Goldsworthy and decided to have a go at using natural materials to make our own pieces of art.