Class 1

Welcome to Class 1's Learning Page!

Class Teacher: Miss Tierney

Class Teaching Assistants: Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. O'Hare and Miss Horvath


Cooking - Lesson 1 Fruit Salad!

Term 3&4 DT Moon Buggies! 

Class one, designed their own moon buggy. They each measured and cut their axles using saws and bench hooks.

Harvest Assembly October 2023

In our whole school assembly Class 1 showed their Harvest pictures and some children read their harvest poems - well done everyone!

Class 1 started their literacy this term with the book Stanley's stick, here we are out finding out own sticks to create our own stories.

In our continuous provision we have been experimenting with paper aeroplanes and how we can get them to fly further and straighter, creating habitats for snails, and dressing up as our favourite book characters. 

Reading and Writing in Class 1

We use a range of resources to assist us with reading and writing in class 1.

First 100 hundred words- These are words that are used frequently in our reading and writing, we will be practicing these throughout the year.

Grow the code - This is used in literacy to assist children with spelling using their phonics knowledge.

Common Exception Words - These are also called tricky words because they need to be learnt by sight rather than phonetic knowledge.

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