Our DT curriculum is designed to encourage children to develop their creativity and imagination through designing, making and evaluating products which solve real and relevant problems and include making relevant links.  Throughout this curriculum children will be encouraged to consider their own and other's needs, wants and values whilst being encouraged to select appropriate tools and techniques for making a product, whilst following safe procedures.   


Our design technology curriculum is designed to ensure progression in knowledge and skills across all year groups. It incorporates the key elements of designing, making, and evaluating products. The curriculum is planned and sequenced, building on prior knowledge and providing opportunities for consolidation and extension. We use the process of IDEA, FPT, design, make, evaluate across the school.  

Design technology is integrated with other subjects, such as science, art, geography, history and computing, creating meaningful links and promoting a holistic understanding of the subject.  

We have a strong commitment to inclusion and ensure that our design technology curriculum caters to the needs of all learners. Differentiated tasks and resources are provided to support and challenge pupils of varying abilities. We promote gender equality and actively encourage both boys and girls to engage with design technology, challenging stereotypes and promoting diversity. 

Our design technology curriculum is enriched with engaging projects and challenges that help children to understand real-world design scenarios. Pupils are given opportunities to identify, define, and tackle design problems, encouraging them to think critically and creatively. They are also encouraged to evaluate and refine the products they design and make.  

Every class has a half term cooking session with an outside company to ensure that they get high quality teaching for food preparation and nutrition. All children are able to learn the life skill of cooking. There is also an after school cookery club for this who wish to further their skills. 



The impact of our design technology curriculum is evident in our pupils' positive engagement, progress, and achievement, along with their enhanced skills, knowledge, and understanding. They exhibit increased confidence and independence in their design decisions and show a willingness to take risks and learn from failures. Pupils' work reflects an understanding of the design process, showcasing their ability to generate, develop, and refine ideas to produce a quality finished piece of work.  Our cookery lessons mean that children have confidence and skills which they can take in to adulthood, 


Each class has a half term of cookery lesson with cooking pioneers.

Year 2 used their knowledge of structures to create houses inspired by The Great Fire of London. 

Year 4 designed pencils cases, made patterns and then learnt the sewing skills to create their finished product. 

Year 1 learnt how to use a saw safely and used axles and wheels to make a moon buggy. 

Year 6 designed and built shelters inspired by World War Two. 

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