Class 2


Welcome to Class 2's learning page!

Class Teacher: Mrs Taylor

Class Teaching Assistants: Mrs Chilman 

Sounds like fire!

This week in music we learnt about pitch and experimented with instruments to explore what kind of pitch they created. We then applied this understanding, along with our knowledge of dynamics to create a piece of music and dance showing the life of a fire. Here is an example:

Properties of Materials

This week in science we have been learning about the properties of materials. We discussed each property as a class and then went outside to check what properties the different materials had. We also discussed how 1 type of material can have different properties based on how it was made!

London's Burning!

In Music we have been learning how to use our voices to create atmosphere. We have been learning how to change the dynamics (volume) of our voices and what effect it has on the song. 

We have also learnt about 'singing in a round' and had a go at singing 'London's Burning' in a round!

'Do all changes improve lives?'

Our 'Discover' project this term is focusing around the Great Fire of London.

We are going to be looking in depth at the events of the fire, thinking carefully about why it spread so quickly and learning about how this significant event changed the way we build houses and fight fires forever.