Class 2


Welcome to Class 2's learning page!

Class Teacher: Mrs Taylor

Class Teaching Assistants: Mrs Chilman and Mrs Tracey

Merry Christmas from Year 2!

London's Burning!

All throughout the Autumn terms we have been learning woodworking skills. We learnt how to use a range of tools safely including junior hacksaws, hammers, and wood glue. We have been working so hard to create our 1666 houses based on a success criteria set by King Charles II. We painted the walls to replicate the pitch lining and even managed to create a 'thatched' look to our roofs. No 1666 house would be complete without realistic fire effects! 

Have a look below at what we have achieved!

Woodwork in Year 2!

This term we are learning how to use a range of tools safely. A few of us have had a go at using saws, sandpaper and wood glue. 

We're all going to be using our woodworking skills to create a model house for King Charles II, using material that would have been available in 1666, we can then use our models to discuss why building materials for houses have changed!

Class 2 are Authors!

This week we wrote our own stories based on 'The Idea Jar'.

We then published our stories into little books which are in the library for everyone to read!

Taking Maths outside!

We've been learning how to make numbers to 100, we're been looking closely at the tens and ones in 2 digit numbers and using objects to represent these. In our work below we used sticks to show tens and rocks to show ones.

'Do all changes improve lives?'

Our 'Discover' project this term is focusing around the Great Fire of London.

We are going to be looking in depth at the events of the fire, thinking carefully about why it spread so quickly and learning about how this significant event changed the way we build houses and fight fires forever.