Class 2


Welcome to Class 2's learning page!


Class Teacher: Miss Hobson

Class Teaching Assistant: Mrs O'Hare 

Key Information

PE days- Monday and Thursday (Tuesday in term 2)

Homework - Monday 

Reading Books- sent home Thursday and due Monday.

Sharing Books- changed whenever you need! 

Cooking- Wednesday (Term 3)

Forest School- Friday (Term 4)

Forest School

This term Class 2 have been lucky enough to take part in forest school. This is led by Mrs Lee. Over the past few weeks they have made garlic bread, hot chocolate, bug hotels, mud pies, bird feeders, log friends and camp fires. They have enjoyed every second and got extremely muddy! 

World Book Day

World Book Day is day to share a love for reading! Class Two come in in some fantastic outfits and shared their favourite stories. Who can you spot? 

The Snowflake

We have been reading a book called The Snowflake. In small groups we each took a key sentence from the story and acted out what happened. Can you tell what the story was about?

Patterns, Patterns, Patterns

To end our shapes unit in maths, we have been learning about patterns. We used a range of 2D and 3D shapes to create patterns and got our partner to continue them. Have a look at some of our fantastic patterns.

Art History Fusion (Artory as Year 2 like to call it!)

We have combined our love for Art and History to create some Great Fire of London paintings using George Seurat's technique of Pointillism. We have been very busy artists! 

Sensational Shapes

 We have been learning all about 2D and 3D shapes. We had a go at building some 2D shapes with straws. Turns out it is harder than we thought! 

Zen Den

We have been taking part in some yoga sessions this term and it has been a lot of fun! Have a look at these pictures to see how we have been getting on. 


Our KS1 and EYFS Christmas play rehearsals are in full swing! 

We look forward to welcoming our parents to watch on the 7th and 8th December.

More information to follow. 

Swap Shop

In maths, we have be learning how to subtract a number by crossing ten. We have been using place value charts and base 10 to help us. We have learnt all about the swap shop and how sometimes we have to swap 1 ten for 10 ones. Have a look to see how we got on!

Spoiler: We smashed it!

Partitioning 100!

We have been using our base ten to partition numbers to 100 into tens and ones. Have a look at how we got on!

The Gruffalo

Class 2 took a stroll in the deep dark woods....but what did they find!

We have been learning about the Gruffalo and created freeze frames based on our favourite pages. Can you guess what pages we acted out?