Class 6

Welcome to Year 6

We wish you a warm welcome to Year 6, where our focus is on preparing our children for their future learning journey. We strongly believe in equipping our students with a ‘growth mind-set’, encouraging them to face all new challenges with an open mind and perseverance.

Year 6 is a special year for many reasons. We have a busy and exciting programme of events throughout the year, including our residential trip; some science lessons with a nearby secondary school; leading roles in our Harvest Festival and Christmas service and a performance worthy of a West-End stage in July.  We develop our learning through a range of exciting topics, and we thrive on challenges and work hard to develop our reasoning skills. We embrace all learning opportunities and prepare diligently for the Year 6 assessments in May.

The teaching team of Mr Duffin and Mrs Haffenden welcome any questions or inquiries that you may have; please feel free to contact James Duffin via email or the school office.

Wednesday 1st April 2020

 Here are a few websites you might like to visit if you find yourself at  a loose end in the Easter Hols.


 A bit of fun - See if you can you tick off everything on my A-Z challenge over the Easter holidays.

Appreciate your family

Bake a cake

Cook a meal for your family

Dance around the living room in your PJs

Eat an Easter egg

FaceTime someone

Go for a walk

Hang out the washing

Imitate an orangutan


Keep a diary

Learn a new skill

Make your bed - everyday!

Negotiate payment for doing jobs around the house

Organise a treasure hunt

Play a board game

Quiz time - write one and play it with your family

Read a book

Sing a song

Tidy your room

Unplug your devices for a while

Venture outside

Watch a family film

Xplore - the house, the garden - find something interesting

Yawn so that you make everyone around you yawn too!

Zebedee - find out which children's programme he's from


Enjoy your well deserved  break, I'll be back here on Wednesday 16th April,

Stay Safe,

Mrs Haffenden

Tuesday 31st March 2020                                                                                                                                                                    Why did the Easter bunny cross the road?

 Good morning class six.  Today is the last day (for now) that I am setting you tasks to complete.  During the Easter holiday, I want you to relax, enjoy time with your family and stay safe.  I know that some of you will want to keep busy so I have put a Spring Maths pack and two SPaG tests in the resources folder for you to use if you wish to. There are other things in there too, have a look. You can also keep practicing x tables, spellings and of course settle down with a good book.


 Write a discussion  -  Home Learning versus School

 For each one, consider the advantages and disadvantages.  Put your ideas across as a discussion, that is talk about each one and give information to the reader without forming an opinion.  For example;

 Home learning is beneficial for children as they are able to study outside and choose what they want to learn, they get to spend more time with their parents. However, they do not benefit from interacting with their peers.  Some children say that school is boring; many say that they enjoy the routine of school and being able to work with others.

 Those that have experienced home learning have said that it was fun to begin with but that they soon missed being in the school environment.

 Yours will be much longer and include more detail.

 In your writing include:

  • An opening paragraph that clearly introduces the key themes
  • Ideas for and against each, with information
  • Appropriate co-coordinating conjunctions i.e. therefore, however, on the other hand, accordingly, consequently, as a result of, many say, others would argue
  • Statistics  - make these up e.g. 60% of children say, 8 out 10 parents agree that
  • Consistent tense
  • A conclusion that summarises the key points
  • You might give your viewpoint at the end but not throughout your writing

 You should write at least five paragraphs including the introduction and conclusion.  Take care with spellings and punctuation.


 In the resources folder there is a file called Money.  Open it and do questions 1, 2, 3, and 4.  You don't need to print it off, just work from the screen. If you want to do more, feel free, there are loads there.


Read the Easter story - it's in the resources folder - don't print it, it's a big file! On page 7, Judas, one of Jesus' disciples (followers) takes 30 pieces of silver to betray Jesus.  How do you think he felt when he found out that Jesus had been crucified?  Do you think he knew what was going to happen? Find evidence in the story.

 Just for fun - Have a go at my crossword - solve the clues and arrange the words to read my message to you.  It's in the resources file.

That's it for now. Don't forget, it's the 1st of April tomorrow, which means . . . yep, a new Gary! Check the website, I'll post a picture.


Have a fantastic Easter break,

Mrs Haffenden

Monday 30th March 2020                                                                                                                                                                                 What can you catch but not throw?

 Good morning.  What a windy weekend it's been.  Let's hope it brightens up so that we can all get outside for a bit.  Guess what arrived in the post on Friday . . .  the sequel to The Water Tower! So far, I've resisted the urge to read it but I don't think I'll be able to for long!  Let me know if you think I should read it or wait until I can share it with you all.


 I'm sure that there's someone you're close to that you've been unable to see because you have to stay at home.  Today, I'd like you to write a letter to a relative or a friend that you know you're not going to see for a while.  In the Year 6 resources file you'll find all the features that you need to include in an informal letter.  If you can, post your letter - hopefully you'll get a reply. If you'd like to write to me, I'd love to hear from you - you can send it to my email.

 You could also complete a reading comprehension; there is one about Ed Sheeren in the resources folder.


There is a 3D shape investigation in the Year 6 resources folder which I'd like you to complete today. Read the questions carefully.

 If you'd like another challenge, you could also complete the Decimal Maths Code Cracker which is in the folder.


Make an Easter chick or Easter biscuits - template and recipe are in the resources file.


Don't forget you can also practice spellings and times tables and enjoy reading a book. That's it for today, do what you can.

There's no pressure to complete all of this.  Have a good day.


Mrs Haffenden

Friday 27th March 2020                                                                                                                                                                                  If you give me water I will die, what am I?

 Good morning.  It's Friday, the weekend's almost here.  Yesterday, I joined in with the Young Voices live sing-along; I hope some of you had a go too.  It is proven that singing is great for your well-being especially when you sing with others.

 Are you keeping active? PE with Joe is definitely a good way to start the day!


Today I would like you to reflect on your first week of home learning.  Think about how you've got on.  What went well?  What will you do differently going forward?  What have you enjoyed/not enjoyed?

 Write a paragraph or two about your week, and then use your experience to advise others about how to get the best out of having to work at home.  You could present it as an information page or a poster.  Make it eye catching. Try to include: time connectives, modal verbs, formal language, headings/sub-headings, a rhetorical question and relevant vocabulary.  Decide on your audience - are you informing parents or children?


In the Year 6 Resources file, you will find Arithmetic Quiz 2.  Have a go at this and/or continue with your maths pack.


Practice turn taking and social interaction - Play a board game!

 Have a lovely weekend; I'll catch up with you again on Monday.

 Mrs Haffenden

Thursday 26th March 2020                                                                                                                                                           What kind of tree can you carry in you hand?

Can you believe the week is almost over?  I hope you're managing to get out of the house as much as you can and are keeping to the social distancing rules - it's tricky I know but it will be worth it in the end to keep us all fit and well.


If you scroll down the page to below yesterday's update, you'll find a folder called 'Year 6 Resources.' In there is the Ultimate Times Tables Resource Pack.  Have a go at Test 1, you can download and print it off if you want to or just read from the screen and write the answers in your book.  Scroll down to page 11 to find the answers. On page 2 you can follow the instructions to see how you did and gauge what you need to work on. You don't have to time yourself, just have ago at your own pace.

 Try this:

Yesterday, I walked to the shops to get some bits and pieces for myself and my neighbour.  I bought:


Butter                      £2.55

Eggs                        £1.56

Mini Eggs               £2.00

Onions                    £1.98

Potatoes                  £2.00

Frozen Peas            £1.20

Mixed Veg             £1.20

Cat Food                £3.75


  1. How much did I spend?


  1. What change did I get from my £20 note?


  1. I posted my neighbours parcel for her, the postage was £3.10 - What is the fewest amount of coins I could have used to pay?


  1. I left home at 1:25pm and arrived back at 1:57pm. How long was I out for?


  1. Write your own money problem and get someone in your household to solve it.


In the same folder, is a document called Film Review.  Use this to write a review of a film you have recently watched. You can write on the sheet or in your book. 


Get Singing

Parents should have received a Dojo message from me with a link to a live Young Voices singing session which is on Facebook at 11.00am.  Here it is again.

Join in if you can and let me know how you got on.      


Are you an animal lover?

You can watch animals on live streams at Edinburgh Zoo. Just go to

 That's it for today.  I'm really enjoying seeing the work you've done, don't forget you can email me if you have any questions or just want to keep in touch.

 Mrs Haffenden

Home learning's not just about Maths and English;Year 6 have created their own home school badges, sketched and painted flowers and made cakes after choosing a favourite recipe to answer questions involving mass.

Wednedsay 25th March 2020                                                                                                                                                              What asks no questions but needs answering?

Good morning.  Looks like it's going to be another beautiful day so get outside and make the most of it for a bit today.

No new English or Maths today. Carry on with yesterday’s writing task or something from your pack. Have you been reading? If not, today's the day. 

In science you have been drawing circuits with circuit symbols and have made circuits that produce light, sound and movement.

1.Use your knowledge to explain what you think will happen if more cells (batteries) are added to a circuit that has a light bulb. Draw circuits to show the addition of batteries. You could include a switch.

2. Explain the reasons why  circuits don't work. Draw diagrams to support your thinking.

If you’re able to, go outside and find a spring flower. Either take a photograph or pick one (ask first) then do a sketch and colour it in carefully. If you can’t find a flower, sketch a piece of fruit or a vegetable.

Follow the link and solve my home learning word search.

Some of you have been emailing with examples of your work.  I can see that your attitude to your home learning is fantastic.  Keep it up.


Have a lovely day,

Mrs Haffenden

 Year 6 Resources
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Tuesday 24th March 2020                                                                                                                                          What can you hold in your right hand but not in your left?

Hello year 6. How did day 1 of home schooling go?  I enjoyed reading your mystery narratives yesterday.  It was very strange not having you here but lovely to hear from some of you on email.

Anything I set on here, is a suggestion and I would like you to have ago if you can.  Feel free to do other activities too.  The internet has a wealth of ideas to stimulate and keep you busy.

Activities for today: Maths -find a recipe for your favourite cake or biscuits. If it has eggs, assume that each one weighs 30g or weigh them yourself.

1.What is the total mass of the ingredients in kg and grams?
2. Convert this weight into pounds (lb) and ounces (oz)   (25g=1oz      16oz=lb)
3. It takes 20 minutes to make the cake mixture,add this to the amount of time the cake needs to cook. Now add another 25 minutes for the cake to cool. How long in hours and minutes will it be until the cake is ready to eat?
4. If you start baking at 11:30am what time will you finish?
5. One person in your family eats 3/8, someone else eats 1/4. How much is left?
6. If you can, make the cake!

In the Nowhere Emporium, Lucien Silver creates magical rooms when he writes in his Book of Wonders.
Create your own Wonder. Use your imagination, remember that magic will make your ideas come alive. The reader should be able to visualise your creation as they read.  You might just plan today and write tomorrow, it's up to you.
A range of sentence types
Adverbial phrases
Modal verbs
Sophisticated punctuation
Figurative language -similes, metaphors, personification, alliteration, onomatopoeia
Discerning vocabulary choices
Check your spellings

Stop and read your work back regularly to ensure that it is punctuated correctly and it makes sense.

You could illustrate your work too.


Monday 23rd March 2020

Morning Year 6. Hopefully you’ve managed to get some fresh air and sunshine this weekend. I’ve been gardening as the garden’s been rather neglected so today I'm a bit stiff!

Home learning is not going to be like school so don’t think that you need to be working for six hours! Remember, at school there is assembly, break and lunch time, teacher talk and class discussion, quiet reading and story time, so spread your work load out.

Today, create a timetable and spread out the activities you choose,  make sure that you get plenty of breaks to move around, eat and drink and relax. Include quiet reading and spelling practice. You could do 3 of the maths activities and 1 SPaG.  If you still have last week's homework to complete, do that instead.   You may have heard that people are putting a rainbow in their window for children to spot when they're out for a walk with their family, you could do the same.

Now you’re learning in a different environment, you could design your own home learning badge. Email me a picture and I’ll share them on our class page.

Check out the link below and get moving.

This is a bit of fun; Harold the giraffe's daily diary.

Here's my email address:   Feel free to contact me.

Finally, be kind.

Mrs Haffenden


Some of you have already been in touch with timetables and badges, well done! I will be giving Dojo points so keep up the hard work!


We have been focusing our History around The Maya this term - learning about their lifestyle, farming methods, religion, diet and the structure of their society. We are now going to explore their region in more geographical detail . We will think about landscape, land use and elements of map making too. 

This term Year 6 are learning to cook! They have already had two sessions with Cooking Pioneers, learning to prepare and make French Toast and creating a Vegetable and Bean Chilli. During the sessions, they are developing their knowledge of kitchen safety, including safe cutting skills. They are exploring healthy eating options and considering the nutritional value of foods too.

For their final week they made American Pancakes. They were delicious and creative! Thank You to Cooking Pioneers for teaching us how to cook and what to cook to stay healthy.


Year 6 have had a busy start to the year! They have been engrossed with Goodnight Mr Tom in guided reading and have produced some fantastic writing based on War Horse in English. In maths they have really embedded their understanding of place value and the four operations and have used the bar model to help them show their understanding. In science they have been learning all about evolution and inheritance, whilst in history they have studied World War II

Some of the Year 6 children were lucky enough to attend a STEM day at Kent College where they were involved in workshops with Microsoft, Amazon and Lego. What a fantastic opportunity! 

We enjoyed sharing stories with Reception class. 

We enjoyed sharing the donations  from school with local residents in the village. The warm smiles on their faces made our day! 

Year 6 opened Capel Cafe to earn money towards their residential in June.  They made tasty treats to sell, created posters to advertise the event and served drinks.  They showed fantastic organisational and team work skills.

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