Learning Today for Tomorrow

School Clubs

There are many clubs to get involved with at Capel Primary. Below read about just a few of them!

Airfix Club

Airfix club takes place every Monday and is open to boys and girls in Year 3.  So far the models made have included tanks, airplanes and cars.  The children have learned that being patient and following the instructions carefully is really worthwhile as they have all been proud of their results.  They enjoy using tools and helping each other with the tricky parts and they are always keen to try something new.

Gymnastics Club

Gymnastics club takes place every Thursday for years 1 and 2. We have great fun exploring the apparatus, using the spring board, and practising rolls and balances on the mats. At this time of year we get ready for the Capel fete by creating a routine to be displayed to the public. Currently, we have created a couple of routines to two songs for the Jungle Book ready for the fete. These allow us to ‘show off’ what we have learnt and what we can do. Please come to the fete and support us!


There are many members of our Key stage 2 choir from across all of the year groups. In choir we have been practicing a wide range of songs with Mrs Morton and Miss Hebditch. We have been singing along with Mrs Morton’s guitar, looking at songs throughout the different eras and from a wide variety of genres. Currently, we are working towards performing some Jungle Book classics at the Capel Village fete. Choir meets every week on a Thursday afternoon – we are constantly looking for new members so if you feel you would like to join in the fun please speak to either Mrs Morton or Miss Hebditch!

Netball Club

What a year we are having with netball club! We meet once a week, come rain or shine to play on our full-size outdoor court, or in the hall if the weather gets the better of us. We practice drills and shooting to improve our attacking and defensive skills and always get time for a mini-match at the end of the session. This year we won our first match against another local school and are looking forward to lots more wins in the future.

Tag Rugby

A new club to the school this year is our tag-rugby club for KS2. We meet after school on a Friday and play nearly all year, only being put off in the very coldest months. We spend time learning the rules, practicing passing, learning to tag, run and change direction at speed as well as watching professional rugby to get ideas. Tag-rugby is a fast and furious game and great fun to play. We have a big squad, years 3, 4, 5 and 6 all being well represented. We have now played in our first big tournament against lots of other local schools where both our A and B team came second. What a result!


Football Club has a long tradition at Capel Primary School, with several successful seasons under their belt. The school can now boast two successful clubs, catering for all the football needs of our children. Football is played with passion and enthusiasm across the year groups, with the oldest supporting and helping those in the years below. Matches are frequently arranged and looked forward to by all.

Dodge Ball

Dodge ball is a new club now offered at Capel. It is a fast moving and fun game to play. It is great for general fitness as well as throwing and catching skills. Although a club still in its infancy, it has already gained an enthusiastic following, with children who play with passion and commitment.