Class 1

Welcome to Class 1's web page!

We are known a Galileo Class after the famous astronomer, like him we love to explore, invent and learn from others. We take pride in listening to others, taking care of our environment and always trying our best!

Find out about everything we are doing in school below!


Class Information

Teacher: Mrs Taylor

TA: Mrs Chilman, Mrs Butler


Term 6

Down on the Farm

This term we are looking at farming and farm animals!

We are focusing on being able to name common animals, describe their structure, and know what they eat.

We are also looking into the history of farming, how and why it has changed over the years.




Homework is set every Friday and is due in the following Thursday.

Mathematics homework is set online through Mathletics

Please make sure you read with your child every night!

They will have been given a bookmark to track the days they read (1 sticker per day).

If your child fills their bookmark up, they get 5 housepoints!

Down on the Farm Topic Projects

We had our topic gallery this afternoon. We all brought in some wonderful and interesting projects using the stimulus of 'Down on the Farm'

We loved sharing our work with our friends and teachers. They were really impressed!

Our School Trip to Godstone Farm!

Today we went to Godstone farm for our school trip.

We did lots of fun activities in the morning such as a minibeast hunt, tractor ride, feeding the pigs and meeting some interesting animals.

In the afternoon we were lucky enough to watch the piglet race. Wispa the blue pig won both rounds!

Before heading home we got the chance to go on the outdoor play equipment.

We had so much fun but are now exhausted!

Living and Growing Topic Gallery

Today we had our topic gallery, this meant we shared the topic projects we have been working hard at this term.

We have all put in a lot of effort and loved sharing our learning and creativity with each other!

Galileo and the Beanstalk!

As part of our topic this term we have been growing our own beanstalks in glass jars.

We have filled in a diary every week to see how the beans have changed and grown.

We have learnt about the different stages of a beans life and recognised when our bean had reached that stage.

We're all taking our beans home to plant them in our gardens!

Andy Goldsworthy Art!

We learnt about the natural art of Andy Goldsworthy and decided to have a go at using natural materials to make our own pieces of art.