Class 1

Welcome to Class 1's web page!

We are known a Galileo Class after the famous astronomer, like him we love to explore, invent and learn from others. We take pride in listening to others, taking care of our environment and always trying our best!

Find out about everything we doing in school below!


Class Information

Teacher: Mrs Taylor

TA: Mrs Chilman, Mrs Butler


Term 3

Space Explorers

This term we are looking to the stars and exploring space!

We are focusing on knowing the names of the planets, why we have a sun and what the moon does for us.

We are also exploring key historical events such as the moon landing, during this we will also be learning all about Neil Armstrong and the other astronauts aboard the Saturn 5 rocket!



Homework is set every Friday and is due in the following Thursday.

Mathematics homework is set online through Mathletics

Please make sure you read with your child every night!

They will have been given a bookmark to track the days they read (1 sticker per day).

If your child fills their bookmark up, they get 5 housepoints!

We are Space Explorers!

As part of our topic this term, we were tasked with a space building project!

We made aliens, rockets, solar systems and even our own planets. 

We shared our creations with Year 2, and even read them some of the space stories we have been working on!

Computing In Year 1!

This week we were introduced to Purple Mash. We learnt how to log on and the importance of keeping our password safe. 

We learnt how to make an Avatar to represent us online, and had great fun experimenting with the different games/activities on Purple Mash!

Year 1 Harvest Festival

Harvest is a special time in autumn when we are thankful for the food we have grown.

We have painted fruit and vegetables that we are thankful for.

Wonderful Watercolours!

We've been learning how to paint with watercolours this term. We know how to use water to make the paints work and have been experimenting with blending colours. We studied leaves and tried to replicate their colours to create some fantastic autumn art!