Welcome to Capel's reception class page. We are known as Edison Class as we are full of inventors who love to explore and investigate the world around us.  

It's so exciting to start  school life together in Edison. Our school community welcomes you into the classroom every morning so that you can be actively involved in your child's learning journey. We are passionate about working together to create life-long learners.  They are enabled to develop skills to make progress through play-based learning and activities whilst supported by the Early Years team. We support every child through offering  stimulating and creative opportunities that inspire them to what to learn more.


Fit and Healthy Display - Friday 25th January 2019

Edison will be showing their parents and carers how we stay fit and healthy and get strong for writing with displays of Write dance and Jump Start Jonny in the hall at 2.30p.m All are welcome.  We will also be explaining how we highlight this as part of a staying mentally healthy too.


Phonics and Maths Workshop

Thank you for attending the phonics and maths workshops that have run recently in the EYFS classroom. The children are so  enthusiastic about learning the super power of reading and number that it is great that you now know how they are learning it.  Any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask. 

School Readiness - I ran a school readiness workshop recently which was very successful. If you have any suggestions for future parents, please do let me know so I can pass it on.

Current learning - Our latest learning is below on our curriculum letter as well as the letters sent home. It has changed as we have embarked on a 'tell a story'time. We have developed a troll's cave and a shop to help feed the goats properly. We will be building real bridges with real tools and doing lots of problem solving around this.  The children have also be experiencing Chinese New Year.  As this learning takes off look out below for how we learn...

Kind Regards,

Mrs Walton-Wallace


2019-20   New Intake dates for transition are already available 

18th June 2019 - parent induction evening , an opportunity to meet all staff involved with your child's first year at Capel as well as experience the setting.

21st June & 5th July  -Stay and Play, where the new children are welcomed by a buddy and allowed to explore the EYFS indoor and outdoor classroom with their new teachers.

15th July - Family Afternoon, a wonderful chance to meet other families that will have a child in the same class with activities and refreshments provided and their teacher and teaching assistant joining you too. 

 Thank you to anyone who attended to the 'School readiness' evening.

Edison fireflies shine brightly in in the Christmas production of 'Tinsel'.

Flossie came to visit so we could compare her to Lola and learn how to care for a dog.

Capel Veterinary Surgery is  now open and Lola the tortoise was our first patient....

Pirate Day!
We had a wonderful pirate day where we have been; reading pirate stories, playing matching games, completing playdough pirate mats, cutting, sticking and labelling maps, writing lists of what we need on board, adding to giant maps, building large and small ships, experimenting with floating and sinking, creating waterproof boats that go on real water, digging for treasure in the mud and sand, finding and counting gems, matching real shells with numbers on to dots, cutting and counting paper coins, writing lists of pirates, writing secret messages in glitter sand, finding a snake in phonics, being brave and walking the plank and playing with all our shipmates. Why are we good learners? Because we arrrrrgh!  

We went on a wonderful Autumn walk and did lots of counting and measuring with natural objects that we found.

We have started school!

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