Welcome to Capel's reception class page. We are known as Edison Class as we are full of inventors who love to explore and investigate the world around us.  

It's so exciting to start  school life together in Edison. Our school community welcomes you into the classroom every morning so that you can be actively involved in your child's learning journey. We are passionate about working together to create life-long learners.  They are enabled to develop skills to make progress through play-based learning and activities whilst supported by the Early Years team. We support every child through offering  stimulating and creative opportunities that inspire them to what to learn more.


Current learning - Please take a look at our latest curriculum letter in what is coming up in our learning.

We had a wonderful visit to Wilderness Woods to create a cafe in the mud kitchen, go on mini-beast hunts and build shelters in the woods, as well as explore the most amazing play equipment!

We have been becoming very knowledgeable about he care of Polish Bantam hens , as we have just become the proud substitute mothers and fathers of 12!

We have been protecting robins and blackbirds that have chosen to nest with us. We saw them all fly their nests too, after we rescued one from our superhero reading shed.

Our caterpillars have changed into butterflies and now live in our garden too, Whilst our plants that we have grown from seed have just been transplanted out to join them.

Our writing about all these experiences is a pleasure to share and the doubling and halving learning is so easy when we are now finding ladybirds to help us!

Talking of all new and exciting things...

Transition -  letters have been sent home listing the many things we will be doing to prepare your child for their next exciting steps beyond Edison. There is a copy in Edison's entrance hall. It includes; preparation and coming in the main gate, school dinners, exploring Year 1, story times with new staff, making booklets about their new adventure, circles times, play times, stay and play sessions and meetings between myself and their new teacher.


Hand Writing Workshop - If you missed the workshop, you are welcome to the hand out and to ask any questions concerning it. 


Home learning Challenge - Please find below the latest home learning challenge on doubling and halving.


Sports day (afternoon for us) is Monday 9th July. We have started getting ready for this big occasion.


Kind Regards,

Mrs Walton-Wallace

A bee's life...

We had a wonderful bee experience today. Mr Pemble, taught us all about how bees live. First we learnt about how they dance and buzz , it is a waggle. Next we found out that there was three types of bees; one queen, workers and drones and their roles
queen worker and drones. The beekeeper looks after the queen bee, who looks after all the other bees.
We looked at a real beehive , with the floor, brood and wax frames, the pitched roof with air holes called a super. There can be about 50,000 bees living there. Later we had a time trial of putting it together between investigators and explorers.
We became the bees and collected pollen how they do in teams , returning to the queen bee and losing lots along the way. We also had to stop for water like they do, but no sleeping was allowed, as they don’t stop to sleep.
The police were doing speed trials with year three and they let us do it too, to see if we were a fast colony of bees.
We had a story about a bee and we sang our bee song to Mr Pemble. Lastly we looked at real frames with honey in and asked some final questions.
It was an amazing morning.

Doubling and halving started with pairing up Mrs Walton-Wallace's socks so that we understood that each amount had to be the same.

A Royal Affair

Everyone arrived excited and then the preparations began for the big day. Lots were drawn to see who played which part. We prepared flags and hats, as well as costumes. We were taken  to the wedding by rocket and the scene was set by the official photographer. Prince Charles and Camilla arrived, followed by the national anthem as we stood for the Queen and Prince Phillip. Next Princes Harry and William walked down the aisle. Finally the wedding march played and the flower girl arrived followed by Meghan and her mum, 2 bridesmaids and 2 page boys.The wedding was held in St Georges Chapel, Capel Castle. After the vows, everyone paraded around the school waving and cheering.

Wilderness Woods Trip - Our risk taking, exploring and fun adventure...

New Life in Edison...