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Class 4

Welcome to Class 4!


In class, we look at different topics throughout the year which usually have a History or Geography focus.  


Our topics for 2016 - 2017 are:

Terms 1 & 2 - Roman Britain

Terms 3 & 4 - Anglo-Saxons and Vikings

Terms 5 & 6 - How does where we live influence how we live?


Our Class Teacher is Miss Yussuf and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs. Lee.


Latest Updates from Class 4

1 year 1 week ago

I hope you all had a lovely Easter holiday and the children are feeling refreshed and looking forward to the exciting and eventful term ahead. 

‘How does where we live influence how we live?’

Over the next two terms, we will be learning about the different continents of the world and their unique cultures and habitats.  This will involve using different types of maps and atlases to identify different continents, countries, climate zones and biomes around the world.  We will then investigate the physical and human characteristics of the UK and compare these to a European country to consider how these different characteristics impact the way we live. If you have any resources about our new topic, including books and artefacts that you wouldn’t mind lending to the class for this term, it would be greatly appreciated.  However, please ensure that any resources are clearly named. 

Art and DT will be linked to our topic as we will be designing and creating our own ‘Money Containers’ influenced by different cultures. The children will develop their own ideas in their sketchbooks before creating their designs.

In Literacy, we will be focusing on non-fiction writing this term.  We will start off by reading and writing our own explanation texts about Global Warming and Climate Change.  We will then use this knowledge to write a persuasive letter to our local MP and hold a class debate about this controversial topic.  In Numeracy, we will begin the term by developing our understanding of decimals up to two decimal places, applying this to the context of money and then moving onto Geometry. 

This term, PE will take place on Wednesdays and Thursdays, so please ensure that the children have the appropriate PE kit in school for these sessions.  Furthermore, homework will continue to be set on Tuesday to be handed in the following Monday.  This will consist of a Spelling activity, a Punctuation and Grammar activity, Reading, Mathletics and a Topic based activity.  If your child struggles to do this work at home, please free to discuss this with me.

If you have any concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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